Jun 10th

Watches Wanted!

Rehome Your Rolex & Get Some Cash! Watch buyers in the know shop at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest often. They love our Previously Enjoyed Collection as a reliable source for Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Michele and other fine watches. For that reason, we’re always buying great watches. We sell women’s watches too, and will never miss a chance to offer a fine pocket watch to our customers….

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Jun 3rd

Summer = Super Savings! The Bucket of Bucks Jewelry Sale is June 11th!

Are you ready to have a great time? Plan on heading to The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest bright and early on Saturday June 11th. Doors open at 8AM for this special once-a-year savings event – and expect a happy crowd! Our customers know this is absolutely a don’t-miss sale – here’s why: Our Entire “Previously Enjoyed” Collection is 25% off! You know that the prices on estate jewelry, diamond…

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May 19th

We’re Paying Cash for Designer Jewelry

Clean Out Your Jewelry Box for Some Quick Cash! The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is Orange County’s best place to sell your designer jewelry. Simply going through your jewelry wardrobe and thinning out the pieces that really aren’t your style anymore or that you just never seem to wear is an easy way to put some cash in your pocket. We are always buying designer jewelry for our Previously…

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May 18th

Gray is Good? Keep an Eye Out For This Jewelry Trend

We heard it first at the hair salons. Fashion forward women were having their hair dyed gray on purpose, overturning millennia of style rules. Now it’s the apparel and jewelry designers’ turn to take on the subdued shade. Fashion experts say it’s because gray pairs well with Pantone’s twin colors of the year – the soothing pink of Rose Quartz and the calming pale blue Serenity. According to JCK, a…

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May 17th

When Forever Matters, Choose Your Local Lake Forest Jeweler

Here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we’ve always believed in the adage if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Buzzfeed has a different perspective, and has put together quite a long story about brides who have had serious difficulties having their engagement rings and bridal jewelry serviced by one of the largest jewelry chains in the country. In the report, you’ll find stories about…

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May 11th


“If you love us”, we’d like to ask a favor of you.  It will help us spread the word throughout Orange County that we are your choice for jewelry and watch purchases and repairs as well as selling your gold, silver, jewelry and diamonds. Each year, the Orange County Register asks its readers to vote for their favorite merchants, restaurants and fun spots. We would like to shamelessly solicit your vote…

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May 7th

Exquisite Emeralds: May’s Birthstone is One of the World’s Rarest Gemstones

There are four gemstones that are universally recognized as precious all around the world: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Of these, emeralds are by far the most valuable – carat for carat, a great emerald is exponentially more expensive than a comparable diamond. The rich green gemstones are May’s birthstone, and we thought we’d take a little time at looking at exactly why they’re so special. Emerald Jewelry Makes History…

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May 6th

The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest Nominated for 2016 Giving Is Living Award by South County Outreach

We collected 308 Beauty Bags that South County Outreach will be distributing to local families in need so the children have gifts to give their moms this Mother’s Day. It’s something we do every year, and we have to tell you, it’s truly one of our favorite things. So many of our friends and customers come to our Lake Forest jewelry store with their contributions, each one happy to do…

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Apr 28th

Give Mom Everything She Wants & More This Mother’s Day!

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th. As part of our commitment to making sure every Mom in Orange County has an absolutely fantastic Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a gift package you’ll want to know about. Here’s how it works: Come on in to The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest and find a great jewelry gift for Mom. Our showcases are full to overflowing with amazing new additions…

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Apr 27th

Mama Told Me: Wonderful & Funny Wisdom + Match Our Staff to Their Mommy

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th this year. As we’re getting ready to help all those Mother’s Day shoppers find the perfect jewelry gift for their Moms – and it’ll be great fun this year, because we’ve got some truly amazing designs in our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection – we got to talking about the way Moms always know what to say, no matter what the situation may be. Erma Bombeck…

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Apr 22nd


UNO DE 50 S P R I N G  2 0 1 6  T R U N K  S H O W TUESDAY, MAY 3RD 11am – 4:30pm Kris Turner, our Uno de 50 Sales Rep will be present with the complete Spring/Summer 2016 Collection so you can SHOP 100’S OF PIECES NOT NORMALLY IN THE STORE! FREE Gift With Purchase This is a great time to grab gifts for…

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Apr 14th

Our Staff’s Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts Under $300

Mother’s Day is kind of a big deal here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. There’s nothing more fun than seeing the little ones coming in to find a gift for their Mommies: they’re so incredibly serious about the whole thing, and carefully deliberate about what bracelet or pendant or earrings their Mom would love the most. With each passing year, the kids get a little older, and the…

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Apr 4th

Feeling Tired? Diamonds Can Help!

Diamonds are April’s birthstone. Here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we deal in a lot of diamond jewelry – couples getting married love searching for their perfect engagement ring in our Previously Enjoyed collection – and we know that people love their unmatchable sparkle and shine. But did you know that during the Middle Ages, diamonds were really no big deal? At that time, the necessary tools, technology…

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Mar 31st

It’s Time to Go for the Gold

The 2016 Olympic Games are scheduled to begin on August 5th. Thousands of athletes will be headed to Brazil to compete for gold medals, which symbolize the fact that they’re the best of the best. The Olympic podium isn’t the only place you can expect to see gold this summer. Yellow gold is forecasted to be one of the season’s hottest jewelry looks, according to JCK, the jewelry trade publication….

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Mar 31st

Join Us in Making Mother’s Day Special for Orange County Moms

“Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world,” wrote Gail Tsukiyama, author of The Samurai’s Garden. We’ve certainly seen that to be true here in Orange County. The moms around here go above and beyond to make sure their kids are all right – even when that means they have to go without themselves. When budgets are tight,…

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Mar 24th

Let’s Get Ready to Remount: New Life for Your Old Diamonds

We’re going to come right out and say it: sometimes great diamonds wind up in really ugly settings. As Orange County’s largest buyer of diamond jewelry, we see stunning stones show up in all kinds of rings, pendants and bracelets that just don’t do them justice. Some vintage and estate jewelry is stunningly beautiful, and sometimes – well… you have to wonder what the designer was thinking. In those instances,…

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Mar 16th

Slimmer Waists Mean Skinnier Fingers: Discover Your New Favorite Fitness Reward!

Health and fitness are so important to so many of our customers. It’s amazing to see how a person’s body can change as they embark on their wellness journey. Dropping a pants size or two or even more can be a big thrill for most folks. Going down a ring size or two isn’t quite as exciting – after all, who wants to lose their wedding jewelry or favorite ring?…

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Mar 10th

Astonishing Aquamarine: Discover March’s Mystical Birthstone

We really don’t need to give you a reason to fall in love with aquamarine – this gorgeous clear blue stone is one of the most popular gems we sell here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. People absolutely adore the color, which perfectly evokes the lovely look of the calm sea. It’s wonderful set in gold or silver, and pairs brilliantly with diamonds. But there are so many…

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Feb 26th

Best Spring Cleaning Job Ever: Don’t Miss The Repair It So You Can Wear It Sale!

March is almost here and that means spring cleaning season. That doesn’t necessarily sound like a lot of fun, unless you do spring cleaning The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest style! It’s time to push up your sleeves, get out the elbow grease, and take on the challenge of sorting out your jewelry collection. Almost Everyone Has Broken Jewelry – And Almost No One Gets It Fixed It’s amazing how…

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Feb 24th

How To Make the Two-Stone Ring Trend Uniquely Yours

One of the hottest jewelry trends right now is the two-stone ring. You’ve likely seen the commercials for brands like Twogether or Ever Us, where engagement rings featuring two round diamonds of equal size set side-by-side sparkle and shine brilliantly. It’s a very sweet concept: one diamond can serve as the symbol of your lasting love while the other one represents your best friend, or the two stones side by…

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Feb 19th

Our Laguna Woods Gold Buying Location Has Closed

It’s the end of a great run! Our lease has ended at our Laguna Woods Gold Buyers location and our neighbor wanted the space. So all gold, silver, jewelry & coin buying will now be done at our ‪#‎LakeForest‬ location only. We wish the best of luck to Dave and Jeff!

Feb 17th

Marquise Magic: Discover The Diamond Time Can’t Forget

MARQUISE MAGIC: The marquise cut diamond has been both wildly popular and almost universally shunned over the course of time. During the 1930s, and again during the 1980s, brides-to-be couldn’t get enough of the elegant elongated curves of the marquise cut. Since then, however, other cuts, including the princess, radiant, and cushion cuts have been more popular. But now the marquise cut is making a dramatic comeback. No less of…

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Feb 6th

25% OFF Entire Jewelry Store – 3 Days Only!

Announcing our 2nd Annual 25% OFF VALENTINE’S SALE 3 Days Only, Thursday 2/11 – Saturday 2/13 We are offering 25% OFF* our entire inventory of new and “previously enjoyed” jewelry, boxes and accessories. To make the deal even sweeter, we are offering a true one stop shop! FREE Card, Single Rose & Box of Chocolates with any $150 purchase.   Don’t miss out on this LOVE-ly offer! 3 Days Only…

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Feb 3rd

Staff Fave Valentine’s Gifts Under $300

Viki’s Favorite 18K White Gold Fancy 7.5″ Bracelet #440-00094 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $298 Dee Dee’s Favorite Euphoria .07 CTTW Diamond Single Strand Station Sterling Silver 18″ Necklace #647-00476 Price: $299 Kathy’s Favorite Tacori Sterling Silver Amethyst CZ Ring #803-00909 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $98 Mare’s Favorite Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Open Heart Sterling Silver Necklace #803-00924 // Earrings #803-00904 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $128 Each Patti’s Favorite Uno de 50 “Kanication”…

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Feb 2nd

Amethyst Adoration – Happy Birthday February Friends!

It’s February and what better time to become familiar with and feast your eyes on the awesome birthstone Amethyst!  Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that contains iron impurities, which gives the violet color to the mineral.  Amethyst is believed to quicken intelligence, ward off evil thoughts, protect soldiers and bring victory. Whether you know a February birthday girl, you were born in February or you just love purple…

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Feb 1st

Amazing Valentine’s Day Total Package Deal: Romantic Jewelry, Rose, Card & Candy For $150!

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14th. Making this romantic holiday simply super for your special someone has never been easier, thanks to the amazing Valentine’s Day Total Package deal Orange County’s favorite jeweler has put together for you. Here’s how it works: We’ve got our showcases full to overflowing with gorgeous “Previously Enjoyed” and designer jewelry. Popular choices for Valentine’s Day include diamond stud earrings, colorful gemstone pendants and bracelets,…

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Jan 24th

The 4 Jewelry Classics That Belong In Every Woman’s Wardrobe

It’s January, so of course, there are lots of “New Year, New Look!” stories floating around. But what we’ve found over the years is that most of our customers are actually pretty confident in the look they’ve got going on – they’re just searching for the right unique jewelry in Orange County to complement the choices they’ve made. Building a jewelry wardrobe is a balancing act. You want to include…

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Jan 15th

Join Us! The 1st Ever Bling & Balance Event is This Thursday, January 21st

If you’ve been in the store recently, you’ve no doubt heard Christine talking about how great she’s been feeling since she started working out with Erica, from Driven Fitness. It’s been a year since Christine discovered Erica, and in that time, she’s been really pleased with her progress – not only has she lost 20 pounds, but she’s really strengthened her core and improved her balance. We can definitely attest…

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Jan 14th

Save the Date: Silver Restoration Event January 26th & 27th

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to have more fun and do more entertaining? Then you’ll definitely want to know about our Silver Restoration Event. Our Silver Restoration expert comes into the store for one weekend only, bringing new life back to tired-looking silver hollowware and flatware. Silver is beautiful, but it does get tarnished with the passage of time. There’s nothing you’re doing to cause this – tarnish…

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Jan 13th

January Birthstone: The Gorgeous Garnet

To understand why garnets are January’s birthstone, it helps to know the classic story of Persephone, including who she was and what happened to her way back in ancient times. Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility. She was very beautiful, and she caught the eye of Hades, who was the king of the Underworld. Hades kidnapped Persephone, and swept her away to be…

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Jan 8th

SAVE THE DATE: Bling & Balance Event 1/21/16

Bring back the bling to your ring while bringing back the balance to your life. Join Orange County’s favorite jewelry store on Thursday, January 21st for our first Bling & Balance event! Erica Roselius of Driven Fitness will be in-store leading a 30 minute stretching class to renew your body and restore your balance. While you stretch, our jewelry experts will polish your ring, free of charge, refreshing it’s sparkle….

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Jan 7th

Celebrating Old Rock Day with Dazzling Diamond Jewelry

We were looking at the directory of obscure and little known holidays and discovered that January 7th is Old Rock Day. What a great opportunity to talk about some of our favorite old rocks – diamonds. Yes, we’ve all heard a diamond is forever. But have you ever thought about what that really means? Diamonds have an amazing life story. The dazzling stones, which come in a rainbow of colors,…

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Dec 19th

The Top 3 Jewelry Gifts For Him

Searching for a special holiday gift for your guy? Let’s talk jewelry trends. Not every man wears jewelry, but a significant number do – and even more report that they would wear jewelry, if they had an item picked for them that matches their own sense of style. Here are some of the looks that are most popular and make great gifts: Fine Watches: Watches are the top choice for…

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Dec 17th

Our Staff’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Dee Dee’s Favorite .73 Carat Marquise Diamond Halo 14K White Gold Engagement Ring #100-00700 Price: $4,995 Diana’s Favorite 1.13 Carat Tanzanite & .62 cttw Diamond Floral Pendant #230-00253 Price: $2,495 (chain sold separately)   Erin’s Favorite 14K Yellow Gold .90 cttw Diamond Channel Euro Hoops #150-00398 “Previously Enjoyed” Prices: Pendant $1,198 Viki’s Favorite 14K White Gold 1.45 cttw Diamond Bracelet #170-00119 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $1,198 Kathy’s Favorite 14K Gold Diamond…

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Dec 14th

Staff Favorite Gifts Under $1000

Patti’s Favorite 14K White Gold 1 cttw Diamond Ring #130-00311 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $698 Viki’s Favorite .48 cttw Princess Cut Diamond Halo 14K White Gold Stud Earrings #150-00429 Price: $995 Mare’s Favorite 14K White Gold 1/3 cttw Diamond Pendant #160-00279 14K White Gold 18″ Box Chain #430-01439 “Previously Enjoyed” Prices: Pendant $698 // Chain $78 Diana’s Favorite Vintage Filigree Synthetic Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet #240-00050 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $978  …

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Dec 12th

For a One of a Kind Gift, Shop Previously Enjoyed!

A big part of the reason The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is Orange County’s favorite jewelry store is our Previously Enjoyed Collection. For years, we’ve been the region’s leading buyer of gold, diamonds and fine jewelry.  People know to come to us with their designer and estate jewelry, as well as fashion looks and fine watches. After we purchase these items, they’re thoroughly inspected by one of our master…

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Dec 8th

Planning to Pop the Question on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is the most popular time to propose to your sweetheart, followed closely by New Year’s Eve. If you’re thinking that you’d like to make this holiday season the beginning of a new life together with your darling, congratulations! Holiday proposals have a magical feel to them. Everything’s decorated with lights, people are cheerful and full of holiday spirit, and there’s a sense that every moment has the potential…

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Dec 5th

Staff Favorites Under $500

Erin’s Favorite 14K White Gold 1/3 cttw Diamond Pave Band #110-00206 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $398 Viki’s Favorite TAG Stainless Steel Ladies Gray Dial Watch #500-01353 “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $398 Kathy’s Favorite 14k White Gold Amethyst Teardrop Pendant w/ Diamond Bail #230-00198 14k White Gold Box Chain #430-00907 “Previously Enjoyed” Prices: Necklace $298 // Chain $128 Dee Dee’s Favorite Sterling Silver CZ Bracelet #610-00451 Price: $395 Jen’s Favorite 18k White Gold…

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Nov 27th

Silver Jewelry Extravaganza Sale December 4th & 5th!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest’s Silver Jewelry Extravaganza starts on Friday December 4th. Our showcases are full to overflowing with all kinds of gorgeous silver jewelry. We’ve got lovely silver bracelets, stunning silver necklaces, darling silver earrings, and irresistible silver rings just waiting to add a little holiday cheer to your look. If you’re looking for great jewelry gifts on a budget, this is the sale…

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Nov 24th

Discover Our Wish List: Holiday Shopping Can Be Simple & Fun!

So, we’ve figured something out. During the holiday season, many of the things our customers love – our unique and ever-changing “Previously Enjoyed” collection; the numerous designer lines, including Uno de 50, Melinda Maria and more; and the newly expanded Bridal Department – are absolutely overwhelming for people who may be popping in here for the very first time to buy their sweetheart’s special holiday surprise. It’s just too much…

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Nov 18th

Introducing ROGORF: The Amazing Repair Sale with the Ridiculous Name

Have your pearls popped? Have you bent your bracelet? Are there links missing from your favorite necklace? Is your ring out of shape? Then you’ll want to know about ROGORF, our new amazing repair sale with a ridiculous name. WHAT IS ROGORF? ROGORF is Repair One, Get One Repaired Free. During our special Black Friday/Small Business Saturday hours – 9:30 – 4 both days! – when you have one jewelry…

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Nov 12th

Batteries for Birds Starts November 14th!

November 14th – December 13th 100% of Watch Battery Sales Will Be Donated to South County Outreach to purchase holiday turkeys for those in need. Now is the time to go through your drawers and collect from your family, friends and co-workers any watches that need new batteries. Help us exceed last year’s donation check of $2,100! How To Tell If You Need a New Watch Battery When was the…

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Nov 5th

LUCKY 7! It’s Time for BOGO at our OC Jewelry Store– Saturday November 7th!

Here are 7 reasons you won’t want to miss the amazing BOGO Sale at our OC jewelry store, which starts promptly at 8 am on Saturday November 7th: It’s Buy One Get One Free! We’ve been having this sale once a year for seven years and we can tell you with absolute confidence: this is the best deal you’re going to find on fine jewelry and you can have a…

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Oct 29th

7th Annual Buy One, GET ONE FREE SALE! 11/7/15

Announcing our famous BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE BOGO SALE! Saturday, November 7th 8AM-4PM This amazing event only happens ONCE a year as a thank you to our loyal customers. Choose any item in the store & receive a 2nd item of equal or lesser value absolutely FREE!!!* Fabulous Food, Drinks & Treats Catered menu by the talented Chef Roberto + our signature Purple Martinis! Rules of the Game OFFER…

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Oct 26th

It’s Back: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest’s Amazing BOGO Sale!

Okay, everybody – are you ready for a good time? It’s time to stock up on sparkly goodness and save some serious money during the annual One Day Only BOGO Sale at our Orange County jewelry store. Doors open at 8am (though folks start lining up around 6am!) on November 7th and you don’t want to be late – many of the very best pieces in our Previously Enjoyed Collection…

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Oct 17th

Love Is In the Air: Engagement Rings for the One of a Kind Bride

Did you know that Christmas Eve is the single most popular day of the year to propose? New Year’s Eve is also a top time to say “Will you marry me?” The holiday season apparently brings out people’s romantic side – and since December is right around the corner, the time to get serious about engagement ring shopping in Orange County is right now. If you’re in love with a…

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Oct 9th

40% OFF CLEARANCE CASE! New Items Added!

New Items Added! 40% OFF CLEARANCE CASE* Here’s a small gallery of the gorgeous pieces you can pick up a very pretty price! Hurry in for the best selection, they will go fast. *All Sales Final on Clearance Items.

Oct 9th

20% OFF Jewelry Trunk Show – 1 Day, 3 Designers

Join us Friday, October 16th for a massive one day jewelry trunk show.  Kris Turner, our Uno de 50, Melinda Maria & TAT2 Jewelry Sales Rep. will be present with the FALL 2015 Collections.  Shop 100’s of items not normally in the store. For one day only, take 20% OFF all Melinda Maria, Uno de 50 & TAT2 Jewelry. The holidays are not that far off. This is a great…

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