Introducing Thomas Sabo: Great Women’s & Men’s Bracelets You’ll Love

We are so excited to tell you about the new line of jewelry we’ll be carrying at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. Thomas Sabo Jewelry is very well known throughout Europe and Canada and in the luxury travel world. We will be among the first U. S. retailers to be offering the line.

Unlike many jewelry designers who grew up in the business, Thomas began his career training as a precision auto mechanic. Later, he developed a great interest in sterling silver. He combined that passion with a bold aesthetic, resulting in striking, distinctive jewelry that captured our attention from the very first moment we saw it.

Thomas Sabo Men’s Bracelets: Leather, Sterling Silver, Engravable

Though we’re excited to carry both ladies’ and men’s designs from this stunning collection, we truly can’t wait to offer a wider variety of jewelry for the gentleman that shop at our Lake Forest jewelry store! Thomas Sabo offers three styles of men’s bracelets. Beaded bracelets feature upscale black obsidian and sterling silver beads; there are also models featuring stone beads with golden accents. The most popular of the bracelets are the black leather with sterling silver. They’re both rugged and refined, sophisticated enough to wear to the office, stylish enough to keep on all night long.

Several of the designs feature engravable sterling silver plates – these will look amazing with a personal motto or special name in place! Designs from Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart collection feature what the designer calls tough-luxe, with skull, snake and dragon motifs paired with the black leather. Sabo’s also done an interesting re-imagining of the classic charm bracelet, making the look bolder and bulkier for men.

Browse the Thomas Sabo Collection below and come visit us for the full experience.

  • Sabo-Pink-1

    Thomas Sabo Womens Love Bridge Bracelets

  • Sabo-1

    Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Collection

  • Sabo-Blue-1

    Layered Thomas Sabo Bracelets for the ultimate wrist party!

  • 11952047_957745544267604_3001376230404488267_n

    Thomas Sabo Bracelet & Watch

  • Sabo-Cream-Edit

    Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Bracelets, Earrings, Ring & Necklace

  • KE1479-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Rose-Yellow-Gold-Heart-Engravable-Necklaces-1

    Thomas Sabo Engravable CZ Heart Sterling Silver Necklace

  • KE1395-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Rose-Yellow-Gold-Heart-Engravable-Necklaces-1

    Thomas Sabo Engravable Heart Sterling Silver Necklace

  • LBKE0002-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Rose-Yellow-Gold-Circle-Engravable-Necklaces

    Thomas Sabo Engravable Circle Sterling Silver Necklace

  • LBA0045-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Rose-Gold-Bar-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo CZ Heart Bar Bracelet – Engravable

  • LBA0042-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Rose-Gold-Infinty-Bar-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo CZ Heart Infinity Bar Bracelet – Engravable

  • A1486-Thomas-Sabo-Heart-Infinty-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo CZ Heart Infinity Bracelet – Engravable

  • AR087-Thomas-Sabo-Bar-Cuffs

    Thomas Sabo Love Cuff 5mm – Engravable

  • AR088-Thomas-Sabo-Cuff-Engravable-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Love Cuff 8mm – Engravable

  • 610-00712-Thomas-Sabo-Adjustable-Nylon-Bracelets-Turquoise-Coral

    Thomas Sabo Nylon & Bead Adjustable Bracelets – Engravable

  • Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Skull-Studs

    Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Small Skull Studs

  • 647-00488-Thomas-Sabo-Faith-Love-Hope-Skull-Necklaces

    Thomas Sabo Skull “Faith Love Hope” Sterling Silver Necklaces

  • MK70-Thomas-Sabo-Sterling-Silver-Circle-CZ-Cuff-Links

    Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Disc Black CZ Edge Cufflinks

  • MK59-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Black-Cuff-Links

    Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Onyx Cufflinks

  • TR1942-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Dot-Pattern-Ring-Band

    Thomas Sabo Dot Band Sterling Silver Ring

  • MK53-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Oval-CZ-Design-Cuff-Links

    Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Rebel Love Knot Black CZ Cufflinks

  • 646-00399-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Knot-Necklace

    Thomas Sabo Black CZ Sterling Silver Knot Necklace

  • 630-00562-Thomas-Sabo-Blk-CZ-Skull-Rings

    Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Skull & Black CZ Double Interlocking Rings

  • 630-00558-Thomas-Sabo-Onyx-Skull-Ring

    Thomas Sabo Round Onyx Skulls Sterling Silver Ring

  • 630-00559-Thomas-Sabo-Black-CZ-Band

    Thomas Sabo Black CZ Sterling Silver Band

  • 630-00561-Thomas-Sabo-Faith-Love-Hope-Skull-Rings

    Thomas Sabo “Faith Love Hope” & Skull Double Interlocking Sterling Silver Rings

  • 630-00557-Thomas-Sabo-Oval-Black-Onyx-Ring

    Thomas Sabo Oval Onyx Sterling Silver Ring

  • 610-00654-Thomas-Sabo-Black-Lava-Skull-Stretch-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Black Lava Rock & Skulls Stretch Bracelet

  • 610-00656-Thomas-Sabo-Lava-Rock-Stretch-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Black Lava Rock & CZ Ball Stretch Bracelet

  • 610-00666-Thomas-Sabo-Black-LEather-CZ-Dot-Relief-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo CZ Dots & Black Leather Bracelet

  • 610-00664-Thomas-Sabo-Black-Leather-CZ-Fleur-de-lys-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Fleur de Lys CZ & Black Leather Bracelet

  • 610-00667-Thomas-Sabo-CZ-Dragon-Black-Leather-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Napa Black Leather Bracelets

  • 610-00665-Thomas-Sabo-Black-Leather-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Black Leather Bar Bracelets

  • 610-00671-Thomas-Sabo-Mens-Lava-Rock-Stretch-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Black Lava Rock Stretch Bracelets – Engravable

  • 610-00697-Thomas-Sabo-Skull-Blava-Lava-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Lava Rock & Skull Stretch Bracelets – Engravable

  • 610-00679-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Black-Lava-Infinity-Bar-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Lava Rock Stretch Bracelet – Engravable

  • 610-00710-Thomas-Sabo-Black-Nylon-Adjustable-Bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Black Nylon & Beads Adjustable Bracelets – Engravable

  • 610-00700-Thomas-Sabo-Multicolor-turquoise-lapis-amethyst-stretch-bracelets

    Thomas Sabo Multi-Colored Stone Stretch Bracelet & Charm – Engravable

  • 610-00713-Thomas-Sabo-Turquoise-Black-White-Stretch-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Turquoise Stretch Bracelets – Engravable

  • 610-00692-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Hematite-Tigers-Eye-Stretch-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Stone Stretch Bracelets – Engravable

  • 610-00673-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Pink-Quartz-Stretch-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Pink Quartz Stretch Bracelets – Engravable

  • 610-00674-Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Fresh-Water-Pearl-Stretch-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Fresh Water Pearl Stretch Bracelet – Engravable

  • Thomas-Sabo-Silver-Fresh-Water-Pearl-Infinity-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Infinity Agate or Pearl Stretch Bracelets

  • Thomas-Sabo-Crystal-Silver-Fatimas-Hand-Necklace-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo White Zirconia Pavé Fatima’s Hand Sterling Silver Bracelet or Necklace

  • Thomas-Sabo-Teardrop-Crystal-Halo-Necklace-Earrings-Bracelet

    Thomas Sabo Crystal Teardrop Sterling Silver Earrings, Bracelet, & Necklace

  • Thomas-Sabo-Blue-CZ-Silver-Circle-Earrings-Necklace

    Thomas Sabo Blue Circle Crystal Drop Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Evil-Eye-Fatimas-Hand-Rings

    Thomas Sabo Fatima’s Hand Pavé Zirconia Sterling Silver Ring

  • Thomas-Sabo-Large-Open-CZ-Circle-Pendants

    Thomas Sabo Lotus Flower Open Circle Sterling Silver Pendant