4th of July Message from Christine & Jack

Most retailers look forward to the December holiday season all year long.

We love that season as well, but we also cherish the Fourth of July, perhaps more than most merchants.

When we bought our struggling little business from its owner sixteen years ago, we became a small part of the community of Lake Forest. As the business grew and we expanded our staff and our space, we became more engaged with the community. Soon, we realized the importance of Independence Day to this city and all of the people who live here.

We began by participating in the 5K, then helping to sponsor it. We appeared in the parade a few times, courtesy of the VW Bus Club. Then, seven years ago, we started exclusively sponsoring Cox TV’s coverage of the parade on Channel 3, happy to help bring the parade to those who could not attend in person.

We love the “small town” feeling that pervades Lake Forest on the 4th of July. Even though we’re part of a county of three million, the feeling here on Independence Day is every bit as warm and welcoming as that of any small town. From the 5K, to the parade, to the annual party at Christine’s house, to the fabulous fireworks that bring the celebration to an exciting close, we love every minute.


Please come join in the fun with us! We invite our customers and friends to join us this year for the 5K. We meet in front of the store at 7:15 AM. We all wear purple Jewelry Box-logo t-shirts. And most of us walk–as opposed to run–the course. To register on the morning of the event costs $30, with all proceeds going to one of our favorite institutions, El Toro High School.

We are genuinely grateful that we live in a community and a country that allows us to celebrate our freedoms without fear of criticism or intrusion. We—our families, our team, our business, our city and our country—are truly blessed. We thank our local first responders as well as our military for protecting those freedoms.

Happy Independence Day!!

-Christine & Jack