The 7th Annual “Save Buckets of Bucks at The Box” Sale is Saturday, June 10th!

Seven is a lucky number – and nothing makes you feel luckier than getting a great deal! The 7th Annual Save Buckets of Bucks Sale is happening at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest on Saturday, June 10th. Here are 7 things you need to know:

1. All “Previously Enjoyed” Collection Jewelry is 25% Off!

You know the prices on the “Previously Enjoyed” Collection are already way lower than full retail prices. Now, for ONE DAY ONLY, you get to save even more through the entire store. That means if you’ve been keeping your eye on a certain piece of jewelry – maybe a lovely Tiffany bracelet, maybe something by David Yurman – June 10th is your lucky day. Get the great jewelry you love & save!


2. Diamonds DO Go on Sale!

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, want to upgrade your bridal jewelry, or have a custom design in mind that needs a stellar stone, don’t miss the Save Buckets of Bucks Sale. All loose diamonds ½ carat or larger are 25% off. If you’re shopping for a larger diamond, this can mean really serious savings! Don’t miss your chance.

3. 50% Off Select Designer Jewelry!

The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is home to Uno de 50, Euphoria, TAT2 and other designer jewelry lines. During the Save Buckets of Bucks Sale, select designer jewelry is 50% off! That’s HALF PRICE. If you’re the type to really plan ahead, you could get all of your holiday shopping done now and save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. If you’re the type who’s in the mood to add a brand new shiny to your collection, get ready to shop!


4. Our Clearance Prices Are Slashed in Half!

During the Save Buckets of Bucks sale, our phenomenally low clearance prices are 50% off the original marked price. Serious bargain hunters love, love, love when this happens – and we’re pretty sure you will too!

5. Be Ready to Have Fun!

While we always have great prices at our OC jewelry store, we only have the fantastic deals offered during the Save Buckets of Bucks sale once a year. (Doctor’s orders… it does bad things to Jack’s blood pressure when the prices drop this much this fast!) Customers know this, and make special plans to be here on June 10th. It’s a fun time with lots of great people who enjoy jewelry. If you love to laugh and have fun, you’ll love the Save Buckets of Bucks sale.

6. Did We Mention One Day Only?

The Save Buckets of Bucks at The Box Sale is one day, and one day only. We are sorry, but we can’t offer these sale prices before the sale starts or after the sale ends – it just wouldn’t be fair! To get the great prices available during the Save Buckets of Bucks Sale, you have to come to The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest on Saturday, June 10th. Doors open at 8 and close at 4. Don’t miss out!

7. There’s Always Some Fine Print!

There’s a rule that says every astonishingly awesome sale has to have some fine print, so here’s ours: Some items won’t be discounted for this event, including diamonds under 1/2 carat, coins, bullion, repairs, special orders, custom designs, and new or existing layaways. Also, we really mean it about the One Day Only. These great deals are only going to happen from 8-4 on Saturday, June 10th at our OC jewelry store. Make sure you’re here for the fun!