Are You Ready For A Remount?

Great diamonds and gemstones sometimes get stuck in really ugly jewelry. We see this happen all of the time! Not every vintage style is attractive – we think it may have been the bathtub gin they drank back in the day influencing the designers – and even modern styles do change. If you’ve got a diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire or other precious that’s lingering, sad and unworn, because it’s trapped in an ugly setting, rejoice! It’s time for our Semi-Annual Remount Event – your chance to give your diamond a new chance to shine.

Sometimes diamond jewelry is beautiful but you don’t want to wear it for other reasons. Not every relationship works out; some inheritances remind you of people you’d rather not think about. Those diamonds are also perfect candidates for remounting: just because a piece of jewelry is beautiful doesn’t mean it’s a piece of jewelry you want to wear.

Remounting: Give Your Diamond A New Setting To Shine In

Here’s how remounting works. During our Semi-Annual Remount Event – which happens on Tuesday, September 20th – our remount specialist sets up the store with a huge, dazzling display of remount settings. When you see this, it will absolutely take your breath away! There are rings, pendants, bracelets and other types of new settings for your diamond or gemstone to shine in. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and mixed metal settings. We’ll work with you to help you find the setting best suited for the size and shape of your stone as well as your personal style preferences.

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Once you’ve made your selection, your diamond can be remounted while you watch. (We strongly recommend making an appointment if you’d like to do this: please use the form below!) Or leave your stone with us, and we’ll call you when your new jewelry is ready for you to pick up and enjoy. All work is performed by highly qualified master jewelers right here in The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest.


BEFORE-AFTER-DIAMOND-SOLITAIRE-NEW-DESIGN-HALO-SETTING  1B-Before-After-Princess-Cut-Ring-Redesigned   1M-Before-After-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-Halo-Ring-Redesign  BEFORE-AFTER-DIAMOND-JEWELRY-REMOUNT-RING-NEW-SETTING  1-Before-After-Turn-Old-Studs-Into-2-Stone-Halo-Ring Remount-2016-Before-After-Blue-Topaz  1-Before-After-Marquise-Diamond-Ring-Redesign  Remount-2016-Before-After-Solitare-Engagement-Ring

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by how affordable remounting a diamond or gemstone can be. Remember, many times, the largest part of the cost of an engagement ring or bridal jewelry is the center stone. If you already have that part, all of the other costs are relatively small – which means you get a great new piece of diamond jewelry you’re passionate about while saving money!





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