2nd Weddings Mean MORE Romance – Not Less!
Planning for your second wedding can be a very different experience than the experience you had the first time around. There’s a lot of emotions that can crop up – from the surge of joy that comes from knowing you’ve found exactly the right person – to a hesitancy that can sometimes accompany a second ceremony. Some couples feel a little shy about inviting others to join them in celebrating their love – after all, isn’t this a case of been-there, done-that?

If you find yourself in that group, we’d like to encourage you to read this Defiant Joy column by Amanda Bastoni about second-wedding etiquette.

It’s all really good, but here’s the bit that really jumped out at us:

"I guess what I am trying to say, or what I want to say, to all those women and men who are getting married for the second time, the ones who might be feeling embarrassed, or asking themselves if it’s really “OK” to have a second wedding, is the same thing I’ve decided to tell myself: He’s not perfect. You’re not perfect. Your marriage will never be perfect. It’s OK to make mistakes. Just because your first marriage didn’t end the way you dreamed, doesn’t mean this one can’t. Life isn’t over until you’re dead, and that’s a long time to keep trying and working at getting it right. Don’t over analyze your love. Don’t try to convince or prove to the haters or unbelievers that your love is special or worthy, their opinion doesn’t matter. Love when there is love to be had. Celebrate that love the way you want to."

Choosing an Engagement Ring to Celebrate Your Love
Many couples find that choosing an engagement ring the second time around is a more romantic, intimate process than they’d previously experienced. We think this comes down to two factors – confidence; you know who you are and what you like, without the same need to ‘prove yourself’ you might have had as a young romantic and a greater ability to listen to your new life partner on a deeper level. The couples that shop with us tend to divide their time pretty evenly between our Previously Enjoyed and True Romance collections as they search for the perfect engagement ring.

There are some definite trends in engagement rings for second weddings we’ve observed, including:

Style Matters More Than Trends
The second time bride tends to be more confident in her personal style, and this definitely shows in the choice of engagement ring. Rather than being swayed by whatever the current trend may be, she’s opting for the engagement ring style that fits her own look – whether that be a vintage Victorian style diamond engagement ring, a classic princess cut solitaire, or a sleek modern look. Our Previously Enjoyed collection gives brides-to-be ample opportunity to explore all the possibilities.

Bigger Is Better Couples embarking on a second romance tend to be more financially secure. This may be why they tend to choose larger diamonds for their engagement rings and bridal jewelry. On the other hand, it may be that these romantics know how to recognize a great value. Shopping the Previously Enjoyed collection gives couples a chance to save hundreds – even thousands! – of dollars compared to traditional retail prices. That means bigger diamonds!

Brilliant Colored Diamonds & Gemstones While traditionally bridal jewelry is dominated by an all-clear color palette of diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds, we’re seeing more and more couples moving to embrace an entire rainbow of options. Some of these choices include colored diamonds, including pink and yellow stones, while others use other precious stones, such as sapphires and rubies, to add some visual pop to engagement rings and wedding bands.