A Flower A Day Keeps The Divorce Lawyer Away: Long Lasting Love Tips
“Flowers have their own language,” romance expert Greg Godek, author of 1,001 Ways To Be Romantic says. “Almost everyone knows that red roses are the top choice for passionate love, but did you know that pink roses are for romantic friends and white roses are all about adoration?”An advocate for giving flowers regularly, Godek advises to expand your flower language by including more than roses. Red tulips, plentiful at this time of year, are great for declaring a new love, whereas white daisies and sunflowers celebrate loyalty. What’s the most romantic kind of flower? “That’s easy,” Godek said. “What ever flower your sweetheart loves best!”

Expand Your Jewelry Language

Diamonds mean forever – that’s why they’re the stone of choice for engagement rings and bridal jewelry. But don’t limit yourself when making romantic gestures! Lapis lazuli, a gorgeous deep blue stone, symbolizes fidelity, while moonstone is all about sexual passion. Rose quartz is said to attract love, but it’s also said to boost fertility, which is something you might want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for unique jewelry!The Victorians, who loved pretty things and had plenty of free time, developed a gemstone alphabet using the first letter in a stone’s name to spell out a ‘hidden’ message in their jewelry. For example, if you wanted to call someone your “Dearest”, you could give them a brooch or pendant that featured diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire & topaz. Over time, the gemstone alphabet has fallen out of use, but there’s no law that says you couldn’t revive it – perhaps with a custom piece of jewelry spelling out your sweetheart’s name in dazzling style.“Whether you’re sending your message with flowers or jewelry, the key is to make sure it’s understood and meaningful to your sweetheart,” Godek concluded. “That’s how lasting romance happens.”

Experience The Gift of Giving

However you decide to express your adoration for the person you love, you’ll find endless ways to expand your gift giving language at Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. For a love that lasts, show you care with a gift that represents how you wish to say, “I love you.” Stop in the number one jewelry store in OC or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest love news.