Before You Change That Facebook Status: Who Needs To Be Told About Your Engagement In Person
Well, you’ve done it! You’ve popped the question – proposed to your sweetheart – got the answer you’re hoping for, and celebrated that moment with each other.

What happens next?

For many couples, the answer is to pull out the phone and update their social media status, but not so fast! An engagement is really big news, and not everyone in your life will be thrilled to learn about it from a Facebook notification. Take a minute and think through who you’d like to inform in a more personal fashion.

This list might include your parents and other family members; perhaps a best friend. At a minimum, you’ll want to give them a call to let them in on the happy news. In some cases, an in person visit may be the way to go. You know your people best. Plan accordingly. Social media will still be there after you’re sharing the news!

Added bonus? Giving yourself a little extra time means you can share the news of your engagement in a fun, memorable way on social media. Take a cute picture or even make a video of the two of you breaking the news.

Capture the fun so everyone can be part of your joy – that’s so much more exciting than changing “Single” to “Engaged”!

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