"Can you make my yellow gold ring white?"

We often have customers ask: "Can you make my yellow gold ring white?" ...And the answer is YES! All white gold jewelry starts with gold comes out of the ground as 24 karat yellow. It becomes white when the alloys that are mixed with it to make it 14 or 18 karat change its color. Over time, white gold can fade or begin to look yellow.

Whether you have a white gold ring that needs refreshing to that brilliant mirror white or a yellow gold ring that you would like to convert, we can make it happen through a Rhodium-dipping process. Here's how it works:

1. We polish and remove all scratches and debris from the ring

2. The ring is placed in the ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove anyrouge accumulated from the polishing process

3. The ring is steam dried

4. The ring is then dipped in a Rhodium solution for approximately 60 seconds(often times it takes multiple dips in the Rhodium for a complete "white" look)

The ring is then thoroughly rinsed with water, dried and ready to rock!

Q: Do you remove the stones before you "dip" the ring?A: No, we do not remove the stones because the Rhodium electrically bonds to the metal only.

Q: Can the Rhodium be removed if I want to return the ring to yellow gold?A: Yes, the Rhodium can be polished off.Q: How long does it last?A: It depends on several factors including the amount of wear on the ring and how the Rhodium reacts with your body chemistry.Q: Will Rhodium improve the appearance of my platinum ring? A: No, only gold rings should be rhodium-dipped.

Q: How much does it cost?A: It costs $50 to Rhodium-dip most rings. Come see us for an exact quote and get that yellow ring bright & white! 949.855.9778