Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries With Fine Jewelry: A Gemstone Guide
Once upon a time, couples celebrated their first anniversary with gifts made out of paper, their fifth with wood, and after ten years together, aluminum! Times have changed. It takes a while for new traditions to replace the old, but at this point, there are some pretty well-accepted conventions about what type of fine jewelry goes with each milestone anniversary.

Year One: Go for the Gold

Celebrate your first year of wedded bliss with a lovely piece of gold jewelry. Check out the Previously Enjoyed collection at our OC jewelry store for stunning gold earrings or a beautiful bold bracelet she’ll love wearing! Designer Melinda Maria also creates gorgeous gold pendants that make a great first anniversary gift. 

Year 3: The Power of Pearls

Pearls: nature’s way of proving that what irritates us the most can, with hard work and effort, be transformed into something beautiful. Three years into a marriage, celebrate your commitment to working through life’s little irritations with beautiful freshwater or cultured pearl jewelry. Top choices are pearl earrings and multi-strand pearl necklaces.

Year Five: Brilliant Blue Sapphires

Sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones, and they’re a great choice to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary. Most sapphires are brilliantly blue, but there are also gorgeous pink sapphires: talk to your sweetheart ahead of time to discover what she likes best! Sapphire’s flashy appeal works especially well in cocktail rings, pendants and earrings. Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was an instant trend-setter in its day, and today, it is proudly worn by Princess Kate. Other top celebrities have chosen sapphires for their most romantic jewelry, including Elizabeth Hurley and Jenny McCarthy. 

Year Seven: Sexy Black Onyx

Legend has it that black onyx was created by Venus, the goddess of love. This makes it the perfect choice to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary. Black onyx is a dramatic, eye-catching stone that’s brilliant when combined with diamonds and gold; it also looks really great set in sterling silver. Choose a black onyx pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring for your special anniversary gift. The Previous Enjoyed Collection at our OC jewelry store is ever-changing: you’ll want to come in and see what’s right for your sweetheart. Not so sure about the black? Onyx does occasionally come in other colors, including a breathtakingly gorgeous green – start shopping early if you’d like to find this relatively rare stone. 

Year 10: Dazzling Diamonds

You proposed with a diamond, and now, after a decade together, it’s time to celebrate with the stone made to commemorate long-lasting love. Diamond wedding anniversary bands are a lovely tradition. Other great gift choices include diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants and diamond tennis bracelets. Check our Previously Enjoyed collection (labeled PE on products on our site) to discover a piece of fine diamond jewelry that’s sure to take her breath away. 

Begin Celebrating Today

Explore our site or stop in our Lake Forest jewelry store to pick out the perfect way to celebrate your love. For more fun ideas, join our Pinterest community and tell us what you think!