Consider Custom Lookalike Copies of Heirloom Wedding Rings
“So there are three of us,” said Tom R. The Orange County man has two brothers, Andrew and Steve. “We’re all planning on proposing relatively soon – I can’t be more precise than that! But the thing is that we each want to use our Mom, who is passed away, her engagement ring. It’s sentimental, you know? But three guys, one ring – what are you going to do?”

Solve this type of family dilemma with custom jewelry. Lots of times people think you have to have a unique idea or totally original design to have custom jewelry made for you, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In a situation like Tom’s, a Master Jeweler can make exact copies of an existing engagement ring, so each bride can wear a diamond ring that’s a beautiful remembrance of the brothers’ mother. It’s a smart, easy way to solve the problem.

Also? You’re not limited to making copies of your own family’s wedding rings! You can have lookalike copies made of the celebrity engagement rings you see online or a red carpet near you – very often for a price that’s only a fraction of what the originals cost.

So remember: if you have one heirloom engagement ring and more than one person who wants to propose using it, having a custom lookalike copy made solves the problem beautifully!