Do You Know When Nearly Half of All Marriage Proposals Actually Happen?
With 365 days per year to choose from, nearly half of all marriage proposals happen over the course of two days. This 48 hour period contains more nervous presentations of diamond engagement rings and life changing questions than any other time of year, according to researchers. Do you know when they are?If you guessed Christmas and Christmas Eve, you’re absolutely right. We’re not sure if it’s the magic of the season at work here, but December 24th and 25th are hands down the most popular time to pop the question. The holiday season is a very emotionally significant time on its own, and many public and private venues are decorated to be their most beautiful during this time period. As an added bonus, it makes it almost impossible to forget exactly when you proposed – every time the holidays roll around, you’ll be reminded of this life changing moment!The Ultimate Christmas Engagement Ringengagement rings Stunningly beautiful 14K White Gold Engagement Ring sparkles with 1.32 ct round diamond, semi-mount. A gorgeous ring. See it now at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!