Engagement Ring Horror Story: What Do You Do When Your Cat Swallows The Diamond Ring?
One of the most nerve wracking times in any suitor’s life is the period between purchasing the diamond engagement ring and actually using it to pop the question to your beloved. After all, you’ve made a significant investment in this piece of jewelry – you don’t want it to get lost or stolen.And you really, really don’t want it to be swallowed by a cat. When a curious cat named Lucky developed a hankering for something shiny, he swallowed a diamond engagement ring. This could have ended badly for everyone, but luckily Lucky didn’t need expensive surgery for the ring to be recovered. The bride-to-be just had to learn a very valuable piece of marriage advice: with time, all things pass.The moral of the story? Part one is simple: If you’ve purchased a fine diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart, have it insured right away. Part two: keep kitty cats away from diamond rings. They’re not known to be part of a cat’s normal diet, but hey… you never know!Here’s an Engagement Ring to Keep Away from Kitty!engagement ringsThis gorgeous 14K white gold ring features a .98 carat round diamond in the super-popular Halo setting. What really makes this ring stand out is the lovely engraved sides – so delicate and feminine. It’s part of the Previously Enjoyed Collection, available at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!