Five Signs Your Sweetheart Wants You To Propose & A Stunning Engagement Ring
Have you been thinking about asking your sweetheart to marry you but have been holding back because you’re not sure what type of answer you’re going to get? There are certain subtle behaviors that people have been known to engage in when they’re ready to get married but don’t want to come out and ask themselves. Watch for these tell-tale behaviors:
  1. Subscribing to Bride Magazine. No one flips through 2 inch thick publications filled with nothing but images of wedding gowns for no reason whatsoever.
  2. Begins peppering conversations with references from The Knot.
  3. Spontaneously providing you with education about the different types of engagement rings and the types she personally think are most beautiful.
  4. The Netflix queue fills up with titles like “The Wedding Proposal” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and so on.
  5. Adding “Ask her to marry me!” to your Google Calendar.
Here’s A Great Ring To Propose WithWhite and Pink Gold Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding BandShe’ll love this stunning bridal set from True Romance. 14K Yellow & Rose Gold combine in this braided .32 cwwt diamond-studded set. Available now from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!