Gold Buying in Lake Forest - We Buy Gold & SO Much More!

One of the most common questions we get regarding gold buying in Orange County is, "WHAT do you buy?" Yes, we buy more gold than any other single location in Orange County, but did you know we buy so much more than JUST gold? For your convenience, we've made a complete list of the items we are interested in buying below. Who knows, you could get a stash of cash for what you thought was just a stash of stuff!



1. We buy Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewelry This includes rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, chains, charms and anklets with or without stones. The price paid for a piece of jewelry is based on the weight if we are going to scrap it. One factor that sets us aside from the other gold buyers is that we often refurbish and re-sell unique pieces as "PREVIOUSLY ENJOYED JEWELRY." If this is the case, then we pay more than scrap value for your item.

2. We Buy Diamonds

Single or in a setting, we pay top dollar for diamonds other than small stones. Our current need is for diamonds of one carat or larger in size. We prefer higher clarity and color, preferably with GIA certification, but we will make you a generous offer on virtually any diamond.

3. We Buy Dental Gold

Not much to say here. If you've collected old gold crowns, caps, fillings, bridgework, etc., we'll happily turn them into cash for you. And it won't be like pulling teeth to get us to do it.

4. Sterling Silver Flatware and Hollowware Hollowware is anything that is NOT a utensil, including but not limited to coffee/tea services, candelabra, serving pieces, candy dishes, trays, bowls, cups, coasters, baby rattles, napkin rings, grooming kits, picture frames, etc. We do not buy silverplated pieces. Silverplate means the item has a thin layer of silver over the base metal. How do you determine if an item is "Sterling" Silver? Most often, "Sterling" or "925" is stamped somewhere on the piece. The best way to determine an item's content is to bring it in and have one of our associates examine it for you. Of course, there is no charge for that service. Signed pieces from companies such as Tiffany and Cartier always bring more.

5. Specialty and Antique Gold Watches Specialty watches include names like Rolex, Michele, Omega and Tag Heuer. We also buy all gold watches antique pocket watches if they are gold or rare.

6. We Buy Gold Coins and Silver American Coins We buy gold coins from various countries including the American Liberty Coins, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas Coins and more. We also buy American coins that have some silver content...mostly 1964 and earlier.

7. We Buy Crystal

We are interested in name-brand wine glasses, goblets, champagne flutes, glassware and more from companies such as Waterford and Lalique. Pieces must be in good condition and logo branded.

8. We Buy Collectibles & Figurines

We buy collectibles and figurines such as Swarovski, Lladro and Armani. Items must be in good condition and we are able to pay more for pieces that have original boxes and/or authentication paperwork.

9. We Buy Vintage Costume Jewelry

We are looking for unique and unusual signed vintage costume jewelry with gemstones and/or crystals in good condition.

Of course if you have ANY questions about your items, please bring them in. There's never a charge for us to sit down and go through it with you to see how much they are worth.