Have You Seen Our Great New Thomas Sabo Custom Engraving Station?
Discovering Thomas Sabo jewelry has definitely been one of the high points of our year. We were certain that these rugged, stylish designs would be a hit with our customers, and so far, it looks like we were right: many of you have gotten bracelets for yourself or for someone special in your lives.One of the neat things about the Thomas Sabo line is that many of the pendants and bracelets are just ideal for custom engraving. Now we have the technology in place for everyone to come create their own one of a kind piece of jewelry. It’s so simple: touchscreen technology makes it easy to select the design you want, enter your own text, and let the machine do its work while you watch.People have been amazingly creative with this. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there have definitely been those who have engraved bracelets with Survivor to celebrate achieving remission; Warrior, Courage, Strength and Brave are top choices for those who are still actively battling. One grandmother got three bracelets, one for each of her grandchildren, engraved with their last name, while a Dad used the system’s capacity to create emojis to put hearts around his son’s name – he wears the bracelet every single day. Brides have been engraving pendants with sentimental messages to let their bridesmaids know how much it meant to have them be part of their special days. One soccer squad all now have bracelets that read “Victory!” – we’re not sure if that’s a celebration or an inspiration!What are you going to put on your Thomas Sabo bracelet? We can’t wait to see what you choose. No appointment is required: if the doors are open at our Lake Forest jewelry store, it is the ideal time to create your own one of a kind engraved Thomas Sabo jewelry!