Don’t Miss This Diamond Deal: 20% Off Lab-Grown Diamonds

Experiment with Scientific Sparkle & Savings!

No, Christine and Jack haven’t gone all “Mad Scientist” on us – we’re just bringing Orange County crazy good prices on Lab-Grown Diamonds! On November 8th – 10th we will be offering our NEW Lab-Grown Diamonds at 20% off – yes, you’re reading that right! Lab-Grown Diamonds are already 30-40% below the cost of mined diamonds and we're offering 20% off that already low price for a few days only. This is a deal you CANNOT miss!

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Genuine Gems

Lab-Grown Diamonds are often confused with less expensive diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia or moissanite but make no mistake, Lab-Grown Diamonds are GENUINE diamonds! They contain all the same properties of mined diamonds, such as inclusions and color variations, and have the same chemical makeup. The only difference between a Lab-Grown Diamond and a mined diamond is that the former is grown under controlled conditions; besides that, a gemologist cannot tell the difference. In fact, they come with certificates of authentication. Think of it like a tomato grown in a hothouse compared to a tomato grown in a garden! Same taste, same look, different growing conditions.

A Greener Gleam

On top of the affordability Lab-Grown Diamonds offer, they’re also an eco-friendlier option. You can feel good about supporting a socially responsible and sustainable business when you choose a Lab-Grown Diamond. Each diamond comes from a clean and safe indoor greenhouse. Additionally, each worker is paid a fair wage and works in an environment with high health and safety standards.

How Are Diamonds Grown?

The process or creating Pure Grown Diamonds includes...
The finest quality diamond seeds are selected and then placed in a growth chamber, where we have recreated the ideal below earth conditions for them to grow in.
  1. GROW
The magical alchemy is in the unique growth chambers where carbon crystalizes onto the diamond seed. The pure, tiny core is fired by microwave energy to match below earth conditions, bringing the diamond alive and allowing it to grow to its maximum potential.
Master craftsmen with decades of experience carve the raw diamonds to exacting standards. With high grade tools and techniques, compliant with those of the industry, these carved diamonds are then polished to reveal their ultimate potential.
Lab graded and laser inscribed, Pure Grown Diamonds emerge as brilliant gems with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the highest quality mined diamonds.

20% Off Lab-Grown Diamonds November 8th – 10th ONLY!

Lab-Grown Diamonds may be forever, but this deal isn’t! We’re only offering Orange County 20% off our already affordable Lab-Grown Diamonds from November 8th – November 10th. Stop in to see – and shop – the scientific sparkle for yourself before the sale ends!