Amazing Amethyst: Fun Facts About February’s Birthstone

Amethyst has been one of mankind’s favorite gemstones since ancient times.

It’s easy to see why: amethyst is most well-known for its striking purple color, which can range from a very, very light lavender to a deep intense royal purple. This color is caused by natural iron deposits in the Earth that occur where the amethyst crystals are formed; the more iron present, the more intense the purple color. Iron is fairly plentiful on our planet – nearly 5 % of Earth is actually iron – which means amethyst is delightfully plentiful without ever being ordinary.

History tells us amethyst has been used in jewelry for ages and ages. The first evidence we see of amethyst jewelry is in the form of beads, worn as necklaces or in strands pinned to shoulder-brooches. Today amethyst shines in many forms, including gemstone rings, earrings, and bracelets. The ancient Greeks believed that wearing amethyst in any form protected the wearer from drunkenness: we’ve tested this theory ourselves and all we can say about that is that the Greeks must never have tried one of our signature Purple Martinis!

Another neat set of legends about amethyst tells of the gemstone’s purported power to influence dreams and assure even the most restless of sleepers a calm and quiet night. Sleeping with an amethyst tucked beneath your pillow may fill your dreams with a glimpse of your true love!

Caring for amethyst jewelry is fairly simple. It’s a hard gemstone, although obviously not as hard as diamond. Wipe it occasionally with a soft cloth to remove any dust or grime that mars amethyst’s brilliant natural sparkle. Wear your amethyst often.

If the legends of them being one of the luckiest gemstones turns out to be true, you’ll be glad you did!

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