Make It Easy for Your Man...
Hey ladies (and gents), we are fast approaching THE annual day of love (or shall we say the day-of-dazzling-diamonds & jaw-dropping-jewelry). As we all know, Valentines Day is February 14th, and men around the nation know it's necessary to make it special but often struggle to get it right. So why not make it beyond simple for him this year and guarantee you score something shiny and sparkly! Come into The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, select the pieces you are swooning over, and we will then add it to your "Wish List", complete with stock numbers and sizes so he doesn't have to guess or get it wrong. We will then send you home with this cute little card to strategically leave lying around, so your "Love" will be steered down the perfect present path.


For maximum results, we suggest you place the card on:
  • His Pillow
  • His Car Seat
  • His Workbench
  • His "Throne"
  • The Fridge
  • The Remote
We know... we make it TOO easy :)


And don't forget, there's always the Jewelry Box Gift Card, for those who want to make it super easy and enjoyable.