Please Your Palate at Our Gem Tasting Event October 10th & 11th
While a wine tasting sounds spectacular, your senses will savor our ‘Gem Tasting’ event on October 10th and 11th even more! Because why spend the big bucks on a bottle that will last you one night when you can spend it on a gorgeous gemstone that will last you a lifetime?

Exclusive Gem Tasting October 10th & 11th

Trade in tannins for Tanzanite at our Gem Tasting event on October 10th & 11th from 11am-3pm. This exclusive experience will send your senses shimmering at the thought of being able to select from hundreds of exclusive loose gemstones you won’t typically find in OC jewelry stores. With gemstones ranging from $300 - $30,000, we’ll have something to please every palate.On top of the incredible selection of rare gemstones, world-renowned gem cutter Roger Dery will join us in-store as your own personal gemstone sommelier. Whether you’re already craving a particular gem or you’re ready to explore a variety of flavors, this is the perfect opportunity to meet with an expert gem cutter and learn how to select the very best stone.

Meet Your Sommelier Roger Dery

A Roger Dery gemstone is instantly recognizable by its distinctive spectrum of brilliantly reflected light. Rather than the traditional approaches to obtaining gemstones via the marketplace, Roger has made dozens of trips to Africa, South America, and Asia and goes directly to the mines where rough gemstones are found. When Roger does decide to work in a mining area, he makes a long-term commitment to the miners, their families and their futures, and even provides them with their basic needs such as food, water, and cooking oils.Every gem that Roger cuts is, “transferred by human hands and exchanged on an agreement of trust.”

Savoring Your Shimmering Selection

Once you’ve looked, sampled, and selected your favorite, it’s time to show it off. When it comes to setting your stone, the world is your oyster (which is said to pair very well with a nice Chablis). We can place your delectable selection in a design of your own, we can place it in one of our mountings, or we can even create a unique custom jewelry design just for you!

Skip the Wine Tasting and Experience Your First Gem Tasting

Just like the world’s most exclusive wine tastings, space is limited, so if you want to make sure you have a chance to meet with Roger Dery and sample a stunning selection of exclusive gemstones at our OC jewelry store, use the form below to book an appointment.