Orange County Brides, Skip This Wedding Trend, PLEASE!
When you sell a lot of engagement rings and bridal jewelry, as we do here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, one thing you pay attention to is wedding trends. It’s always good to know what brides and grooms are looking for on their special day. Most of these trends are cute. Some are silly.

But there’s one where we really feel that a line has been crossed. For some reason, there are couples out there who feel the only way to make their special day truly memorable is to include an exotic wild animal. CBS reported this as a growing trend in December. We’re talking all kinds of wild animals here, including lions and tigers here – real life giant cats that come equipped with giant claws and the ability to eat you up. They’re apparently the wedding guests you can’t do without if you want to have truly stylish nuptials. Now there’s good news. You don’t have to actually go and buy a lion or a tiger if you want one involved in your wedding day. They can be rented! There are companies that specialize in bringing lions and tigers around to add that gigantic, potentially fatal feline presence to wedding ceremonies. You know what that means? If something goes horribly, terribly wrong and the lion decides to make a mid-afternoon snack out of the organ player, you can probably get your money back.

Your wedding day already serves as an introduction to the fact that some things are much better in the imagination than they are in reality. You don’t need lions and tigers at your ceremony, eating everybody up and chewing on your caterers, to reinforce the concept. Some Southern California communities already have laws in place banning exotic animals from weddings, but for the rest of you: Please leave the lions and tigers safely in the zoo, nature preserve, or circus. We all thank you!