Polish Sterling Silver For The Holidays
NOVEMBER 8, 2014Polish Sterling Silver For The Holidays!

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? Sparkling Silver Takes the Meal from Good To Great

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner is really a big deal. Chances to spend time with our families and loved ones are few and far between in our busy world. As a result, we want to make sure that holiday gatherings are special in every way, with food that tastes great and a table that’s a beauty to behold.Making sure your silverware is spotless and shining is a small but telling detail that demonstrates you really care about your guest’s comfort. The gleam of silver candlesticks, serving platters, tea and coffee services adds a level of elegance and grace to the meal. Thanksgiving Dinner is exactly the type of special occasion fine silver was made for!Here’s the expert entertainer’s tip on how to have sparkling silver without breaking a sweat: put away that polishing cloth. You just don’t have hours of your life to devote to carefully buffing each fork, spoon and knife. There’s a simple, smart, strategic alternative: Delegate the job to the pros at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest instead!

Enjoy 20% Savings on Silver Polishing Service From November 8 – 22!

BeforeAfterWe want you to truly shine in your role as the Thanksgiving dinner host. That’s why we’ve discounted all of our silver polishing services from November 8-22. You can have your sterling silver and silver plate flatware professionally polished to a sparkling shine that will delight even the most eagle-eyed guest. We’re also offering the savings on sterling silver and silver plate hollowware, which means if you’ve got a coffee or tea service, serving platter, candlesticks or other tableware that needs a good shine, now’s the time!Here’s how it works. You bring your items into the shop. We’ll let you know how much it will cost to have them polished and give you a receipt for your items. All silver polishing is done right here on site, so you never have to experience a moment’s worry about the safety and security of your items. We’ll call you when it’s done. You’ll have perfectly polished silver on your table this Thanksgiving – it’s just that simple!