Romance is a State of Mind Says Love Expert
Don’t you want your love to last? Of course! That’s why we’ve asked romance expert Greg Godek, author of 1,001 Ways To Be Romantic to share his insights on why some partnerships last longer than others. What he shares is indispensable. “Romance is a state of mind,” Godek said. “If you have the right mindset, you can make cleaning the bathroom romantic. If you have the wrong mindset, you can turn a moonlit stroll on the beach into a miserable experience.” Of course, setting does matter! “For many of us, it is easier to get into that romantic mindset in what we consider an appropriate setting. Here in Southern California, with the beautiful beaches, we may have an extra advantage – but romance can happen anywhere.”

Romantic Thoughts Put In Action

Eureka! As Californians would say, we’ve found gorgeous places to hang out with your darling, and other ways to maintain a romantic mindset. Godek’s recommendations include:
  • Send a love letter just because’ – but do it old-school, through the mail. That way your sweetheart has something worth reading mixed in among all the bills and advertising flyers!
  • Hold hands when you’re walking together – whether that’s a stroll around the neighborhood or through the parking lot to the grocery store.
  • Discover something new with your sweetheart. Try a romantic coffee shop you’ve never visited, listen to a new band, go to that museum you’ve always been meaning to visit, take surfing lessons – the point is that whatever the adventure is, you’re in it together.
“Remember,” Godek concluded, “You can’t keep the infatuation, but you can keep the passion! It’s all a matter of keeping the right mindset.”

One Last Loving Thought

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