Want to Attend the Remount Event but Don’t Have the Cash? Here’s How to Fix That Problem

On Tuesday, September 12th, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is hosting one of our super popular remount events. During this one day only session, you can have the jewelry you’re not wearing transformed into a piece you absolutely adore.

If you’d like to have your diamonds or colored gemstones remounted but you need a little extra money to make it happen, we’ve got great news: we’re actively buying gold, jewelry, diamonds, and watches right now. You can use the proceeds from the sale of your jewelry to pay for your remount. It’s a smart way to upgrade your jewelry collection without impacting your regular budget.


Go through your jewelry box. Set aside the piece or pieces you’d like to have redesigned during the remount event. Now look at what’s left. Are there pieces of jewelry you never wear? Maybe the fit’s not right, maybe the style was your favorite once but isn’t right for you now, maybe it was a gift from a person from which you’ve parted ways. If it’s not jewelry you’re loving, wearing, and enjoying, it’s money waiting to happen.Bring the jewelry you’ve decided to part ways with to our Lake Forest jewelry store. We’ll look at what you have, and make an offer based on the jewelry’s appeal and market prices. We’re known for our generous offers. We can pay more because we often sell the jewelry we buy in our "Previously Enjoyed" Collection.No appointment is necessary. We’re always happy to consider the jewelry our customers have for sale. When you’ve heard our offer, if it’s acceptable to you, we’ll pay you immediately. That’s money you can use to have your jewelry transformed during the September 12th remount event!