The 4 Essential Qualities Your Best Man Must Have
To be chosen as a Best Man is a great honor, a sign of deep friendship and respect between two men. It may be obvious to you who should serve as your Best Man – a lifelong friend, a brother, the man who saved your life from rampaging wildebeests – or you may be struggling to figure out who to choose. In case that second scenario is true for you, try to choose a Best Man who has these four essential qualities:
  1. Dependability: Your wedding is an important event and you will have enough to worry about without stressing over whether or not your Best Man will remember to get his tux on time. Or wear shoes to the ceremony. Or show up at all.
  2. Eloquence: Traditionally, the Best Man gives the first toast at the wedding reception. Choosing someone who’s good with their words is a really good idea.
  3. An Easy Going Nature: Someone who is flexible and can make sure things keep rolling smoothly without getting too upset if plans need to change a little bit is a great choice for a Best Man if you want to keep things simple & stress-free. (On the other hand, go ahead and pick a very rigid, Type-A control freak if you are planning a theatrical wedding that will make Cirque du Soliel look like a kindergarten show – you’re going to need all the help you can get!)
  4. Focus: Choose a Best Man who understands how important your wedding is to you. When your Best Man is as invested as you are in making sure the big day is truly special, it makes the ceremony that much more meaningful.
Did you know that it’s traditional to give your Best Man and Groomsmen a gift for standing up for you on your big day? Personalized fine jewelry and engraved flasks are the go-to gift items; ask about them when you’re shopping for bridal jewelry.