The 5 Worst Places in Orange County, CA to Propose…EVER!
When you picture asking your girlfriend to marry you, what does that picture look like? Chances are you envision a beautiful moment on the beach or a romantic restaurant – but other people have a different idea of what’s an appropriate venue. In the bridal jewelry business, you hear a lot of stories, and from those tales, we’ve compiled this list of the 5 worst places in Orange County, CA to propose:
  1. The Home Depot Restroom
Okay, we weren’t technically in the restroom. I’d just come out when he just dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. Later out, I learned he’d planned a much more elaborate moment, but then came to the point where he just couldn’t wait anymore. Which is kind of romantic, I guess.We guess…but just as a FYI, everybody? Restrooms in general? Not romantic.4.His Mother’s Emergency Gall Bladder SurgeryIt was two in the morning, we’d just followed his Mother in an ambulance to the hospital, where she was rushed into surgery to have her gall bladder removed. The place was packed, and we got shoved off into this little side hallway area to wait for his Mother’s procedure to be done. During all of this, he says, “It’s moments like this that make me see how much I need you as my wife,” and pulls out the ring. I was just gob-smacked. Who does that?If it had been an emergency appendectomy, we could see proposing. But for a gall bladder removal? We’re not so sure it works.
  1. In Line at the Rabies Clinic
I’m not sure this counts as a proposal. We were both in line at the rabies clinic, and he says, “Hey, I see you love dogs! I love dogs! Let’s get married!” Considering I’d never seen him before in my life, the answer was obviously no – but we did wind up having a great conversation while we waited.As a rule of thumb, any setting with the name of a disease or the word “Clinic” in its name is a less-than-ideal place to ask your girlfriend to marry you.
  1. Stuck in Traffic on I 405
It was one of those days when the traffic was terrible, and we got stuck waiting for an accident to be dealt with. So we were sitting there talking and all of a sudden he pulls this ring box out of his pocket and hands it over to me. “Look in there,” he says, and of course, there was the diamond engagement ring. “So what do you think?” It was so surreal, I wasn’t even sure what was happening. So I said, “It’s a really nice ring.” He goes, “Yeah, I know that. Are we gonna get married or what? Now every time I’m stuck in traffic, I think about that moment.”Of course, how you ask someone to marry you is just as important as where you ask!
  1. During an IRS Audit
Let’s just say he had done some creative bookkeeping, and the IRS agent was giving him a hard time about what expenses were allowed and what ones weren’t. He had tried to get credit for paying some of my health care expenses, but since we weren’t married, the agent explained, we couldn’t do that. So right there, he turns to me and says, “Come on, baby! Let’s get hitched!” Who could resist that kind of proposal?Does this mean IRS stands Inspiring Romantic Stories? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.No Matter Where You Are, She’s Going to Love This Ring!Engagement Rings Glamorous, bold, and stunningly modern, this platinum engagement ring features an eye-catching 1.42 ct. emerald cut diamond with dazzling baguette sides. This is truly special ring – one of our favorites. Come see it for yourself at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!