The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest Nominated for 2016 Giving Is Living Award by South County Outreach
We collected 308 Beauty Bags that South County Outreach will be distributing to local families in need so the children have gifts to give their moms this Mother’s Day. It’s something we do every year, and we have to tell you, it’s truly one of our favorite things. So many of our friends and customers come to our Lake Forest jewelry store with their contributions, each one happy to do their part to make someone else’s day a little brighter. That spirit of caring is good to see, and The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest wants to thank you for making it possible.Our partnership with South County Outreach goes back almost ten years. We love working with them because they have such a profound, meaningful impact in our community. When someone is hungry, South County Outreach is there with food. When they have no place to stay, South County Outreach provides shelter. When someone is struggling to find employment in today’s competitive job market, South County Outreach provides computer training and other vital support.Supporting South County Outreach has been a joy. Through our annual Batteries for Birds campaign, Mother’s Day Beauty Bag collection and continuously offering jewelry and watch repair discounts at our Lake Forest jewelry store in exchange for food donation, we’ve been able to contribute two tons of food and supplies to the community every year! That’s an amazing accomplishment for a jewelry store – and again, we have to thank our friends and customers who made it all possible.SITE-Volunteerism-AwardWe also have to thank South County Outreach. This year, they’ve done us the honor of nominating us for the Giving is Living Award being presented by OneOC. It’s was a proud moment for Christine and Jack who attended the Spirit of Volunteerism Award Banquet along many of Orange Counties leading charities and local businesses! To make the event even more memorable, Christine and Jack won a raffle for two FREE nights at the magnificent Montage Resort.SITE-Montage