The Jewelry Box to double its size

The Jewelry Box is very excited to announce its expansion to double its current size.

As our business has grown during the last decade—starting out with only Christine and/or Jack and Oscar in the store ten years ago and growing to a staff of 12 including two jewelers and a watchmaker, we have run out of space.

Recently, we were fortunate enough to be offered the vacant space next door. Work has already begun on the remodel as we enlarge our store to serve our friends more efficiently. We will have twice as much showroom space which will allow us to carry an even greater assortment of the unique jewelry items you’ve come to expect from us along with more non-jewelry items like purses, jewelry boxes and collectibles.

When you join us for a fundraiser or celebration, you’ll have more room to mingle and we’ll have more room for food and drink service. Our jewelers’ shop will double in space as well, providing room for the proper equipment to work on your repairs and special orders more efficiently. We have designed a gold-buying area that will offer you privacy and comfort as we review your items together.

We have already installed huge new modern and beyond-insurance-company-required secure safes to protect your treasures.

And, finally, we’ll have a fresh new look—paint, flooring, etc. along with a long-overdue air conditioning upgrade—to ensure your comfort when you visit. We know you’ll “excuse the mess” as this project goes forward; our plan is to be complete by summer’s end.

Feel free to come in any time, look around and share our excitement.

Even until we’re done, it’s business as usual—with a little additional dust—at “The Box”.