The Secret To Lasting Romance: It’s The Little Things That Matter Most
“Thoughtfulness is merely the beginning,” says Greg Godek, the author of 1,001 Ways to be Romantic, when asked about the best way to keep love alive in a long-lasting relationship.

“Go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ whenever you can. For example, if you’ve drawn your sweetheart a bubble bath so they can really relax after a tough day, going above and beyond means after her soak you wrap her in a towel you’ve warmed up in the dryer.” Romance experts agree that while grand, once-in-a-lifetime gestures (think coordinating a flash mob to sing your sweetheart’s favorite song right before you propose!) certainly have their place, it’s the smaller, everyday interactions between loving couples that truly strengthens their bond.

Celebrating life’s special moments together – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays large and small – is only the beginning. Taking a page from Godek’s book, we’ve seen plenty of couples who go the extra mile to make ordinary days special.

One of our favorites was the fellow who bought his girlfriend an aquamarine ring from our Previously Enjoyed collection to celebrate National Pastry Day -this is a real holiday, apparently, but she’d warned him she was on a diet and absolutely did not want any sweet treats!

Another lady swears that a pair of earrings is a never- fail cure for when her partner has a rough day in the office. They’ve been together almost 30 years now, so there may very well be some wisdom in the approach.

Other favorite little gestures this couple enjoy together include getting away to the beach ‘just because’ and leaving each other silly songs on their voice mail.

“You absolutely don’t have to spend a ton of money to be romantic,” Godek added. “Write your sweetheart a love note and tuck it into the book he’s reading. When he finds it, it’ll be sure to put a smile on his face.”