We’ll Fix the Fit in No Time: Post-Holiday Jewelry & Watch Resizing/Repair

What do you do when you received the perfect gift, but it isn’t the perfect fit? We can’t blame Santa (or our loved ones) for misjudging our size when it comes to jewelry or wristwatches. This is especially the case with rings. Unless your family member or significant other was able to successfully swipe a ring from your jewelry box for comparison, there isn’t exactly an inconspicuous way to find out your ring size. At least not without giving away the element of surprise.

If you received a ring, timepiece, or jewelry design as a gift this holiday season that doesn’t fit, you’re likely going to need that item resized. That’s where we come in…

OC’s Destination for Ring Resizing, Watch Resizing & Jewelry Repair

If your gift is too big or too small, you’ll want to address this right away. Oversized pieces can easily slip off and become lost, while designs that are too small might be entirely unwearable. Rings, watches, and bracelets must fit just-right to ensure that they can be worn comfortably with minimal risk of loss or damage.

The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest wants you to enjoy your holiday jewelry or watch design as it was intended to be worn. That’s why we keep master jewelers and watchmakers on standby to take care of all your timepiece and jewelry resizing and repair needs!

Our jewelry repair/resizing services and watch repair/resizing services are the best in Orange County. All sizing work is completed right here in our Lake Forest jewelry store, and most watch sizing is completed while you wait! We treat your holiday treasures as if they were our own. Visit The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest today for all your jewelry and watch resizing and repair needs!