What’s The Best Season to Get Married?
When you’re thinking about asking your special someone to marry you, it’s a good idea to be real clear on when you’d like the ceremony to take place. You don’t have to have an exact date in mind. Just have a ballpark idea that falls between noon tomorrow and roughly two years from now. Think about when you’d like your wedding to happen. One of the criteria people use when making this decision is the weather – particularly if you’re the “Let’s get married outside!” school of thought. If you’re planning on getting married in Orange County, here’s what you should know about the weather: The weather in Orange County is mild all year, making planning an outdoor wedding simpler. Spring weddings may be popular, but keep the phrases "May Gray" and "June Gloom" in mind if you’re planning a beachside ceremony. Think late summer, early fall for the warmest, sunniest weather.