Sep 2nd

Fall Bridal Jewelry Fashions We Love

With the fall wedding season being just around the corner, we wanted to take a sneak peek at what brides and grooms will be wearing as they walk down the aisle. Vogue’s told us that the key trend is a ‘generous dose of sparkle’, which is of course our favorite thing to hear here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. Whether you’re getting married or you’re a guest watching…

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Aug 12th

Discover Ever & Ever: Choose Exactly What You Want in Your Bridal Jewelry

If there’s one thing The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team knows for sure, it’s that no two brides are alike. Every bride wants something special for her wedding day, but that means different things to different people. Some couples really love the thrill of the hunt and enjoy searching through our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection for an engagement ring that speaks to them. Others want to be able to create…

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Dec 8th

Planning to Pop the Question on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is the most popular time to propose to your sweetheart, followed closely by New Year’s Eve. If you’re thinking that you’d like to make this holiday season the beginning of a new life together with your darling, congratulations! Holiday proposals have a magical feel to them. Everything’s decorated with lights, people are cheerful and full of holiday spirit, and there’s a sense that every moment has the potential…

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Oct 17th

Love Is In the Air: Engagement Rings for the One of a Kind Bride

Did you know that Christmas Eve is the single most popular day of the year to propose? New Year’s Eve is also a top time to say “Will you marry me?” The holiday season apparently brings out people’s romantic side – and since December is right around the corner, the time to get serious about engagement ring shopping in Orange County is right now. If you’re in love with a…

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Jul 20th

Getting Married After 50? What’s Different, What’s the Same & What Truly Matters

Did you know that more than 20% of people getting married last year were over 50 years old? Wedding planning is no longer the sole territory of the 30 and under set. More mature couples have discovered it’s never too late to tie the knot, whether it’s for the first time ever or as another try at the classic romantic institution. Additionally, now that marriage equity is the law of…

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Jun 17th

Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries With Fine Jewelry: A Gemstone Guide

Once upon a time, couples celebrated their first anniversary with gifts made out of paper, their fifth with wood, and after ten years together, aluminum! Times have changed. It takes a while for new traditions to replace the old, but at this point, there are some pretty well-accepted conventions about what type of fine jewelry goes with each milestone anniversary. Year One: Go for the Gold Celebrate your first year…

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Jun 9th

Spring 2016 Bridal Trends Make Previously Enjoyed Bridal Jewelry A Smart Choice

While we’re just getting into the swing of Spring 2015, fashion designers and the wedding industry are already looking ahead to the gowns everyone will be wearing as they walk down the aisle next year. Top trends to take note of include a return to traditional style gowns, many with long sleeves, as well as backless gowns, gowns with plunging necklines, gowns incorporating feathers, and if the feathers weren’t extreme…

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Jun 3rd

A Flower A Day Keeps The Divorce Lawyer Away: Long Lasting Love Tips

“Flowers have their own language,” romance expert Greg Godek, author of 1,001 Ways To Be Romantic  says. “Almost everyone knows that red roses are the top choice for passionate love, but did you know that pink roses are for romantic friends and white roses are all about adoration?” An advocate for giving flowers regularly, Godek advises to expand your flower language by including more than roses.  Red tulips, plentiful at…

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May 28th

Romance is a State of Mind Says Love Expert

Don’t you want your love to last? Of course! That’s why we’ve asked romance expert Greg Godek, author of 1,001 Ways To Be Romantic  to share his insights on why some partnerships last longer than others. What he shares is indispensable. “Romance is a state of mind,” Godek said. “If you have the right mindset, you can make cleaning the bathroom romantic. If you have the wrong mindset, you can…

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Mar 17th

The Secret To Lasting Romance: It’s The Little Things That Matter Most

“Thoughtfulness is merely the beginning,” says Greg Godek, the author of 1,001 Ways to be Romantic, when asked about the best way to keep love alive in a long-lasting relationship. “Go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ whenever you can. For example, if you’ve drawn your sweetheart a bubble bath so they can really relax after a tough day, going above and beyond means after her soak you wrap…

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Feb 27th

Ring Restyling Frees Beautiful Gemstones From Bad Memories

“It’s really a shame,” Georgie* said. “I’ve got this gorgeous wedding set that for obvious reasons, I’m just not wearing anymore. Ever since even before the divorce, it’s been sitting in my jewelry box. What a waste!” Does this situation sound familiar? There are many instances where we can wind up with jewelry that we don’t want to wear anymore, whether that’s due to unpleasant emotional associations to the fact…

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Feb 20th

2nd Weddings Mean MORE Romance – Not Less!

Planning for your second wedding can be a very different experience than the experience you had the first time around. There’s a lot of emotions that can crop up – from the surge of joy that comes from knowing you’ve found exactly the right person – to a hesitancy that can sometimes accompany a second ceremony. Some couples feel a little shy about inviting others to join them in celebrating…

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Feb 19th

Wedding Tips: How to Tell Your Best Friend Their Nightmare Kid Isn’t Going to be the Ring Bearer

For many Orange County brides, the hardest part of the wedding planning process comes down to letting people know how they will (or won’t!) be helping the couple celebrate their special day. “My friend Amy is wonderful,” Zoe said. “I love her to pieces. But her son, Jackie, is already this out-of-control terror. He’s the kind of kid who’s always running around and bouncing off the walls, screaming. Which fine,…

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Feb 12th

Orange County Brides, Skip This Wedding Trend, PLEASE!

When you sell a lot of engagement rings and bridal jewelry, as we do here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, one thing you pay attention to is wedding trends. It’s always good to know what brides and grooms are looking for on their special day. Most of these trends are cute. Some are silly. But there’s one where we really feel that a line has been crossed. For…

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Feb 5th

Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are Pretty Awesome

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, chances are you’ve already seen somewhere between ten and thirty seven million articles describing the many different shapes that diamonds can be cut into. What’s a little harder to find is any information about what makes one type of cut better than another type of cut. If you’re trying to find a diamond engagement ring that looks great, is reasonably priced, and is…

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Jan 29th

Understanding White Gold Bridal Jewelry: Is Platinum a Better Choice?

As Orange County’s home of unique bridal jewelry, there’s one question we get a lot: what’s the difference between white gold and platinum bridal jewelry, and is one better than the other? White gold is stunningly beautiful and very affordable. To keep its mirror like finish, however, you should know that over the course of time, some upkeep is required. There’s no such thing as ‘pure’ white gold. Gold, as…

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Jan 22nd

Before You Change That Facebook Status: Who Needs To Be Told About Your Engagement In Person

Well, you’ve done it! You’ve popped the question – proposed to your sweetheart – got the answer you’re hoping for, and celebrated that moment with each other. What happens next? For many couples, the answer is to pull out the phone and update their social media status, but not so fast! An engagement is really big news, and not everyone in your life will be thrilled to learn about it…

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Jan 15th

Do Engagement Rings Have to Have Diamonds?

Diamond engagement rings are definitely the traditional way to go. They’re also the most popular, with more than 7 out of 10 romantics choosing a diamond to for the ring they’re going to propose with. That being said, there’s no official rule that dictates you have to have a diamond engagement ring. Other precious gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, have worked beautifully in the starring role. Prince Charles…

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Jan 8th

Five Signs Your Sweetheart Wants You To Propose & A Stunning Engagement Ring

Have you been thinking about asking your sweetheart to marry you but have been holding back because you’re not sure what type of answer you’re going to get? There are certain subtle behaviors that people have been known to engage in when they’re ready to get married but don’t want to come out and ask themselves. Watch for these tell-tale behaviors: Subscribing to Bride Magazine. No one flips through 2…

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Dec 12th

Proposing on Twitter: #Brilliant or #Boo?

The first Twitter wedding proposal took place in 2008, when Greg Rewis used 140 characters to propose to his now-wife Stephanie Sullivan. Since then, many romantic couples have gotten engaged on Twitter. Even celebrities are doing it, including actresses Kristen Bell and Kat Von D. Twitter proposals have the advantage of being short, sweet and to the point. They’re also very comfortable for couples who use technology as the cornerstone…

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Dec 10th

5 Last Minute Things To Check Before You Propose

Your Appearance: If ever there was a moment *not* to have spinach in your teeth, this is it! Your Clothes: You don’t want your sweetie to spend forever remembering your fly was down during the big ask. Your Scent: Fragrance is the strongest memory trigger. Make sure you smell good for this special day. Your Phone: Shut it off. You don’t need anything interrupting you during the big moment. The…

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Dec 5th

Do You Know When Nearly Half of All Marriage Proposals Actually Happen?

With 365 days per year to choose from, nearly half of all marriage proposals happen over the course of two days. This 48 hour period contains more nervous presentations of diamond engagement rings and life changing questions than any other time of year, according to researchers.  Do you know when they are? If you guessed Christmas and Christmas Eve, you’re absolutely right. We’re not sure if it’s the magic of…

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Dec 3rd

The Bar Has Been Raised: Our Favorite Flash Mob Proposal

In the great “Should wedding proposals be public or private?” we tend to fall on the private end of the spectrum, unless if the public proposal is exceptionally well done, as is the case with this amazing flash mob proposal: What’s your favorite flash mob proposal? Share the link in the comments below! Do You Know What Else Flashes? Diamond Engagement Rings! If she loves flashy, she’ll love this platinum…

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Nov 28th

Simple Romantic Proposals

Life is complicated. Love doesn’t have to be. If you’re thinking about asking your girlfriend to marry you, know that you don’t need to memorize long, complicated speeches to make your point. Short, sweet and to the point proposals can do the job just as well. Try these on for size – they’re all 12 words or less: I love you. Will you marry me? You’re the one I want…

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Nov 26th

The 5 Worst Places in Orange County, CA to Propose…EVER!

When you picture asking your girlfriend to marry you, what does that picture look like? Chances are you envision a beautiful moment on the beach or a romantic restaurant – but other people have a different idea of what’s an appropriate venue.  In the bridal jewelry business, you hear a lot of stories, and from those tales, we’ve compiled this list of the 5 worst places in Orange County, CA…

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Nov 21st

Engagement Ring Horror Story: What Do You Do When Your Cat Swallows The Diamond Ring?

One of the most nerve wracking times in any suitor’s life is the period between purchasing the diamond engagement ring and actually using it to pop the question to your beloved. After all, you’ve made a significant investment in this piece of jewelry – you don’t want it to get lost or stolen. And you really, really don’t want it to be swallowed by a cat. When a curious cat named…

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Nov 7th

The 4 Essential Qualities Your Best Man Must Have

To be chosen as a Best Man is a great honor, a sign of deep friendship and respect between two men. It may be obvious to you who should serve as your Best Man – a lifelong friend, a brother, the  man who saved your life from rampaging wildebeests – or you may be struggling to figure out who to choose. In case that second scenario is true for you,…

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Oct 31st

No Drunks, Dirtbags or Dweebs: A Guy’s Guide to Choosing Your Groomsmen

One of the thirty-seven million decisions you’ll be asked to make during the wedding planning process is who’d you like to have stand up for you during the ceremony – in other words, your best man and groomsmen. We talk about the 4 essential qualities of a best man in this post. After you’ve gotten clear on that front, it’s time to concentrate on your groomsmen. While back in the…

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Oct 24th

Consider Custom Lookalike Copies of Heirloom Wedding Rings

“So there are three of us,” said Tom R. The Orange County man has two brothers, Andrew and Steve. “We’re all planning on proposing relatively soon – I can’t be more precise than that! But the thing is that we each want to use our Mom, who is passed away, her engagement ring. It’s sentimental, you know? But three guys, one ring – what are you going to do?” Solve…

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Oct 17th

What’s The Best Season to Get Married?

When you’re thinking about asking your special someone to marry you, it’s a good idea to be real clear on when you’d like the ceremony to take place. You don’t have to have an exact date in mind. Just have a ballpark idea that falls between noon tomorrow and roughly two years from now.  Think about when you’d like your wedding to happen. One of the criteria people use when…

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Oct 10th

6 Signs You Need To Get Your Wedding Cake Somewhere Else

6.  The crew at Cakewrecks  recognizes your cake designer’s work – at a distance! 5. You’re told you have a choice between two types of cake – Betty Crocker & Pillsbury. 4. Camouflage fondant. (Especially if there’s nowhere to hunt within 50 miles of the bakery!) 3. A sign that reads “13 Proud Days without a Health Code Violation!” 2. Your cake decorator is just so excited to be working…

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Oct 3rd

The 5 Funniest #Wedding Tweets We’ve Seen Today

These Tweets are pretty funny, as long as they aren’t talking about YOUR wedding! Sorry I was late for the #wedding but they had such a great special at the bar. My sister thinks I’m planning a destination #wedding so she can’t be there. She’s so right! Told my Grandma I’m going to Boulder for a wedding. She asked if “cigars of marijuana” will be on every table.  She finally…

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Sep 27th

4th Annual Bling Blast @ “The Box” Benefiting Breast Cancer Solutions

Announcing our 4th ANNUAL Bling Blast @ “The Box” benefiting Thursday, October 10, 2013 5:30 – 7:30 PM Purchase a glass of champagne for a chance to WIN A 1-CARAT DIAMOND! Stunning Silent Auction Items Proceeds will be donated to BCS 10% OFF Entire Store* *Must be purchased from current inventory *Does not apply to repairs or special orders Purchase a Breast Cancer Awareness Watch for just $14.95 (TWO FOR…

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Sep 27th

4th Annual Bling Blast @ "The Box" Benefiting Breast Cancer Solutions

Announcing our 4th ANNUAL Bling Blast @ “The Box” benefiting Thursday, October 10, 2013 5:30 – 7:30 PM Purchase a glass of champagne for a chance to WIN A 1-CARAT DIAMOND!  Stunning Silent Auction Items Proceeds will be donated to BCS  10% OFF Entire Store* *Must be purchased from current inventory *Does not apply to repairs or special orders Purchase a Breast Cancer Awareness Watch for just $14.95 (TWO FOR…

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Aug 7th

NEW MARKDOWNS! 50% OFF Clearance Showcase

14K White Gold & Diamond Tennis Bracelet (6.88 cttw) Was: $7,998 50% OFF: $3,999 . . . . . . . . . . . . 14K Yellow Gold, Garnet & Diamond Ring Was: $598 50% OFF: $299 . . . . . . . . . . . . 14K White Gold, Mother of Pearl & Diamond Pendant Was: $995 50% OFF: $498 . . . . . ….

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Jun 19th

Platinum, 1.51 Carat Round Brilliant Center & 2 (1 cttw) Trillion Cut Diamond Sides Engagement Ring

Platinum, 1.51 Carat Round Brilliant Center & 2 (1 cttw) Trillion Cut Diamond Sides Engagement Ring Retail: $20,040 Our “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $13,998 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 949.855.9778

Jun 5th

14K Rose Gold & Diamond Pave Rose Ring

14K Rose Gold & Diamond Pave Rose Ring Retail Price: $1,798 Our “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $1,198 {Savings When You Shop @ “The Box” = $600!} . . . . . . . . . . 949.855.9778

May 2nd

14K Pink Gold, Diamond & Mother of Pearl Set – Enhancer Pendant, Ring & Bangle

14K Pink Gold, Diamond & Mother of Pearl Bangle “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $1,798 14K Pink Gold, Diamond & Mother of Pearl Ring “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $398 14K Pink Gold, Diamond & Mother of Pearl Enhancer Pendant “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $898 16″ Reversible 14K Pink Gold & White Gold Omega Chain “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $598 . . . . . . . . . . . . 949.855.9778

Mar 19th

14K White Gold & Diamond Teardrop Dangle Earrings

14K White Gold & Diamond Teardrop Dangle Earrings “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $298 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Looking to sell your unwanted gold or silver jewelry in Orange County? We pay top dollar! 949.855.9778

Mar 14th

St. Patrick's Special: Sell Gold & Silver

You don’t have to chase the rainbow’s end, there’s a POT OF GOLD sitting in your jewelry box! .. valid through 3/16/13 . . . . . . . . . .. 949.855.9778

Mar 13th

ANTIQUE PENDANT: 14K Yellow Gold, Diamond & Pearl

14K Yellow Gold Antique Pendant with Pearls & Diamonds approximately 1″ x 5/8″ “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $148 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Looking to sell gold, silver, diamonds and more in Orange County? We are interested in buying your unwanted jewelry. 949.855.9778

Jan 22nd

New Year, New Setting: Is it Time to Transform Your Ring?

Does the new year have you craving a new look? It’s amazing what a difference a new setting can make! Do you have a yellow gold ring but now wish it was white gold? We can easily make that happen with a rhodium dip process, see how it works and how much it costs here. Come in and we’d be happy to show you some new setting options that will…

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Jan 16th

Flower, Heart & Star Pendant Necklaces : CZ with Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold

Oh so charming! Available in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plated or Yellow Gold Plated. All sparkling with clear cubic zurconia. FLOWER: $79 STAR: $69 HEART: $69 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ☎ 949.855.9778 Mention this post for FREE SHIPPING in Continental US.

Jan 3rd

Where to Get Certified Jewelry Appraisals in Orange County

Thursday, January 10th – 10am-1pm, we will have a GIA Graduate Gemologist from World Gemological Services in the store to appraise your jewelry.  We have worked with Whitney over the years and she comes with the all the state-of-the-art equipment and professional expertise necessary to appraise your jewelry accurately.  She will take digital pictures of each item along with carefully measuring and/or weighing stones and precious metals.  You will then…

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Nov 20th

2nd Annual “Batteries for Birds” Fundraiser

Tis’ the Season to bring in all your watches that aren’t working! It’s our 2nd Annual BATTERIES for BIRDS FUNDRAISER NOVEMBER 23 – DECEMBER 15, 2012 We are donating 100% of all battery sales to South County Outreach Food Bank to provide holiday turkeys to for local Orange County families in need. Last year we donated Ralph’s Gift Cards to purchase over 200 holiday turkeys. This year we want to…

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Nov 9th

“Can you make my yellow gold ring white?”

We often have customers ask: “Can you make my yellow gold ring white?” …And the answer is YES! All white gold jewelry starts with gold comes out of the ground as 24 karat yellow.  It becomes white when the alloys that are mixed with it to make it 14 or 18 karat change its color.  Over time, white gold can fade or begin to look yellow. Whether you have a…

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Oct 30th

14K White Gold 3 cttw Diamond Link Tennis Bracelet

The ultimate wrist party!! 14K White Gold 3 cttw Diamond Link Tennis Bracelet “Previously Enjoyed” Price: $2,298 We buy and sell gold, silver, diamonds & more at our two Orange County locations: Lake Forest 949.855.9778 & Laguna Woods 949.587.3000.

Sep 6th

Special Events & Sales Sent to Your InBox!

Want to be the first to know about Special Events, Sales & Offers at The Jewelry Box? Click the “NEWSLETTER” tab at the top of the page (to the left of the Facebook Blue Icon), and a box will drop down where you can enter your email address.