Jul 5th

Clean Out Your Jewelry Stash & Score BIG Cash!

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy new jewelry, and that’s kind of the same thing, right? But you know what makes buying new sparkle even sweeter? Selling your old designs you no longer love for cash to increase your new jewelry budget! We buy a lot of jewelry – in fact we’re best known in Orange County for our “Previously Enjoyed” collection, and in our experience, jewelry that…

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Jun 2nd

“Save Buckets of Bucks at the Box” Jewelry Sale Returns Saturday, June 9th!

Trade in your beach pails for buckets of bucks! One of Orange County’s most highly anticipated jewelry sales is back for ONE DAY ONLY on Saturday, June 9th, from 8AM– 4PM. With 25% – 50% off (almost) our ENTIRE STORE, you’ll not only want to mark your calendar, but you’ll also want to make a game plan. After all, we will have customers lined up outside before we open! Here’s…

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May 22nd

Celebrate Scholastic Achievements in Style! Jewelry Gifts for Grads

As the class of 2018 prepares to begin the next chapter of their journey, their loved ones start the search for the perfect present to celebrate their accomplishments. Luckily for the latter, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest has made it easy with the ultimate graduation gift guide! Personalized Praise Each student’s academic career is unique; shouldn’t their graduation gifts be too? With Thomas Sabo’s engravable jewelry designs, they can…

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May 5th

Mother’s Day Made Easy: Our Gift Combos are Back by Popular Demand

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and now’s your chance to solidify your spot as her favorite child (even if she won’t admit it out loud)! This year, treat Mom to her favorite jewelry styles, plus a little something extra, since she’s gone the extra mile for you your whole life! Mother’s Day Gift Combos Available Thursday, May 10th – Saturday, May 12th! Back by popular demand, our Mother’s…

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May 3rd

Stretch, Sparkle, & Sip Returns Thursday, May 17th

If shopping is your cardio, this event is for you! We’re committed fitness, but we understand that starting a new routine can be intimidating and working up the motivation to exercise can be tough, even for fitness fanatics. That’s why we’re bringing back Stretch, Sparkle, & Sip on Thursday, May 17th, from 6 – 7! What is Stretch, Sparkle & Sip? Stretch, Sparkle & Sip is an event hosted at…

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May 1st

Help Us Make It a Great Number 8: Voting for Best of Orange County 2018 is Open!

Every year, the Orange County Register asks our friends and neighbors in the OC vote for their favorite businesses. For the last seven years, they’ve chosen The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest as Best Jeweler/Jewelry Store in Orange County. This is an honor we truly cherish and would be so grateful if you help us make it The Great Number 8! HOW TO VOTE Go to www.ocregister.com/voteocbest Scroll down and…

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Apr 14th

6th Annual Toiletries Donations for Local Moms

Here’s a perfect excuse for Spring Cleaning… TIME TO DONATE TOILETRIES! This will be our 6th year collecting toiletries and putting together “Beauty Bags” for SOUTH COUNTY OUTREACH to distribute to local Moms in need this Mother’s Day.   WHAT WE NEED MAKEUP / MAKEUP BRUSHES & BAGS BODY WASH, LOTION & SPRAYS PERFUME BUBBLE BATH, & CANDLES NAIL POLISH, MANI & PEDI ITEMS SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & HAIR PRODUCTS *Unused…

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Mar 30th

Is It Time to Re-Design? Our Remount Show is BACK Tuesday, April 10th!

We’ve all got those dirty little secrets at the back of our jewelry boxes… The fad designs that came and went long ago, gifts from people who didn’t quite GET our styles – or from those we’d rather forget – and broken jewelry that’s seen better days. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Save stunning stones from sad settings at our exclusive Orange County jewelry Remount Show! One-Day…

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Mar 1st

Ring Sizing Secrets Revealed

It happens to the best of us: a touch of arthritis, a few too many plates of pasta, a daily brewsky after a tough one at the office. Low and behold, that ring doesn’t go on and off as easily at it used to. If you shop ring-sizing prices, you’ll find a wide range. Although The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest isn’t the cheapest, we sure are the best. First…

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Feb 21st

Why Go Local When Choosing Your Jewelry Store?

National retail jewelry chain stores are so convenient; seems like there’s one “on every corner”. There are several in every mall, some in outlet centers, some in airports, some in downtown shopping areas. They’re everywhere. So why would you seek out an independent jeweler for selling, buying or repairing your jewelry? In the case of The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, people tell us they go out of their way…

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Feb 8th

Our All-In-One Valentine’s Day Package Deal is Back!

Give a little extra to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with help from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. Once again, we will be offering our All-in-One Valentine’s Day package: 25% off in-stock jewelry PLUS a FREE Rose, Card and Box of Chocolates when you spend $150 or more. Visit our OC jewelry store on Saturday, February 10th, Tuesday, February 13th, or Wednesday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day!) to take advantage…

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Dec 20th

Did You Get a Great Jewelry Gift That Doesn’t Fit?

The day after Christmas is a time when we’re forced to acknowledge a truth about gift-givers: while they love us very much, they don’t necessarily know our size. When it comes to jewelry and watches, that’s definitely a problem: fit is non-negotiable. A ring that’s too small won’t fit on your finger, while a ring that’s too large won’t stay on it! The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest wants you…

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Dec 11th

Ho-Ho-Hundreds of Gifts Under $100!

‘Tis the season of gift-giving, and The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is here to help! We understand the busy holiday season can really take a hit to your wallet, which is why we’ve gathered some incredible gift ideas that will dazzle those who receive them, but won’t break the bank. You may have gotten the big gifts out of the way, but what about that Secret Santa gift for…

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Dec 8th

Trendsetters Take Note: Our Freida Rothman Trunk Show Arrives December 16th

If there’s one thing we know about our customers here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, it’s that you like to be the first to shop stunning new designers. So, when we were given the chance to host a Freida Rothman Trunk Show, we seized it! The Fashion Group International has recognized Freida’s design work for two years in a row, celebrating her fun, creative look with their Rising…

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Dec 1st

December Diamond Deals: Save 25% on All Diamond Stud Earrings

What makes diamond stud earrings the perfect holiday gift? Well, they always fit, work with practically everyone’s personal style, and they’re super easy to wrap. Nothing puts a smile on someone’s face like finding a very small box with their name on it under the tree. And we’ve heard from a number of delighted customers that diamond stud earrings are the ultimate stocking stuffer! From December 7th – 9th all…

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Nov 24th

2017’s Batteries for Birds Starts November 25th!

In September, Nicole Suydam and Mark Lowry wrote a story in the Orange County Register that explains how food insecurity is an ongoing issue here locally. One in 6 kids and one in 10 adults just aren’t getting enough food to live healthy lives. The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team has been aware of this issue for some time, and every year, we run the Batteries for Birds campaign to…

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Nov 17th

Forget Black Friday – Discover Silver Friday (& Saturday!) at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known as Black Friday, the start of the holiday shopping season. But we know our customers, and some of you have been doing your holiday shopping since the beginning of August. For that reason, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is celebrating Silver Friday this year! Silver Friday: Save 50% on “Previously Enjoyed” Sterling Silver Jewelry* *Excludes “Previously Enjoyed” Designer Sterling Silver So, we’ve…

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Nov 9th

Love is in the Air: 20% OFF Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Loose Diamonds at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest

If you’re planning on proposing during the holiday season, November is the best time to start shopping for engagement rings. The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is the number one destination for couples seeking unique engagement rings in Orange County and we’re having a big sale the 16th-18th. Save 20% on All Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Loose Diamonds During this special 3-day event, you can save hundreds of dollars…

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Nov 3rd

Wearing Sunshine: Citrine & Golden Topaz Share the Spotlight as November’s Birthstone

November’s twin birthstones are a brilliant example of jewelry’s incredible power to lift the mood and elevate the spirit. Here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we’re treated to beautiful sunshine throughout much of the year, but that isn’t true everywhere. In the cold, dark reaches of Northern Europe, where many of our birthstone traditions have their earliest roots, November can be a bleak time. Citrine, with its warm,…

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Oct 27th

Get Ready: BOGO Comes Back To The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest on Saturday, 11/4

Once a year, something very special happens at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. You can tell it’s special, because customers start lining up outside our doors before they open at 8 am. Everybody’s smiling and excited. The sound of laughter fills the air at our Lake Forest jewelry store, and there’s a special energy that can only mean one thing: BOGO! BOGO: Celebrating 9 Years of Buy One, Get…

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Oct 18th

Outstanding Opals: October’s Beautiful Birthstone

Picture this: a long, long time ago, you’re in a desert country. The night covers everything you can see. There are many, many stars. Most hang in place, but one special star let loose its hold on heaven and goes streaking across the sky. When it hits the ground, an opal is formed. That legend speaks to the specialness of opals. While ancient people believe that the color-shifting gemstones had…

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Sep 29th

Sometimes Love Needs a Second Chance: Introducing Underdog Rescue

Why Underdog Rescue and Why Now? Christine and Jack are dedicated dog devotees; they and their spouses love canines and feel strongly that saving the life of a furry friend is the only way to go. Christine and Ken rescued Bella from an OC shelter in 2013. She has become a loving member of their family and travels all over California with them. Jack and Phyliss rescued Charlie in 2014…

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Sep 22nd

Celebrating 7 Sensational Victories

Thank You for Choosing Us as the Best Jewelry Store of OC! Jack, Christine, and the rest of The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest Team would like to extend a warm, heart-felt thank you to everyone who voted us Best of OC – Jewelry Stores in the OC Register contest. This award is particularly meaningful to us because it’s given based on the real-world experiences and opinions of area residents….

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Sep 11th

Are Sapphires the Sexiest Gemstone?

One of The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest’s best customers, who has chosen to remain nameless for this story, absolutely adores sapphires. She likes all kinds of colored gemstone jewelry, but when a stunning new sapphire design appears in our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection showcases, she gets very excited. She always says the same thing, “Oh, I like that. It’s very sexy.” Are sapphires the sexiest gemstone? If sexiness is like…

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Sep 6th

Want to Attend the Remount Event but Don’t Have the Cash? Here’s How to Fix That Problem

On Tuesday, September 12th, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is hosting one of our super popular remount events. During this one day only session, you can have the jewelry you’re not wearing transformed into a piece you absolutely adore. If you’d like to have your diamonds or colored gemstones remounted but you need a little extra money to make it happen, we’ve got great news: we’re actively buying gold,…

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Aug 25th

Great Art Gets Trapped in Terrible Frames. And the Same Thing Happens to Diamonds. We Can Fix That on September 12.

Have you ever seen a fantastic painting that got trapped in the wrong frame? It happens all the time – the artwork is amazing and the frame is just meh or the frame’s style doesn’t mesh with the imagery: even though the painting is superior, the frame choice makes it seem less so. The same thing happens to diamonds and colored gemstones. Gems are set in mountings, rather than frames,…

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Aug 22nd

Can Your Jewelry Get Too Much Sun?

Living in Orange County, California means you get plenty of sunshine. While that’s definitely great for the local active outdoor lifestyle, it can be hard on your jewelry. Certain gemstones fade when exposed to too much sunlight, while others will not stand up to prolonged heat especially well. Here’s what you need to know: Always Safe, Even in the Sun: The precious gemstones – diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald –…

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Aug 16th

Peridot Perfection: Discover August’s Gorgeous Birthstone

A long time ago, when Pharaohs still ruled Egypt, there was a tiny island in the Red Sea that was home to the most beautiful gemstones in the world. These gems were so prized by Egypt’s rulers that they set guards upon the island – none may arrive there or leave again without official approval. Any who dared trespass were put to death. The island’s inhabitants were put to work…

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Aug 10th

Extra Back to School Expenses? Sell The Jewelry You Don’t Wear for the Stuff the Kids Need

Just when you think you’ve come to grips of how much it costs to send your child to college, they drop their computer down a flight of stairs, shattering it into a million pieces. Or it turns out that financial aid covers everything your student needs – except lab fees, books, and a parking permit. When you have extra, unexpected back to school expenses, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest…

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Jul 28th

We Want to Help 50 Kids – Can You Give Us a Hand?

Back to school season is right around the corner. To succeed academically, children need to have the right supplies – things like notebooks, index cards, highlighters, calculators and pencils – as well as a backpack to carry everything in. The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team has set a goal: we want to help at least 50 kids start school totally prepared for success. We’re hoping you can help us…

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Jul 10th

Experience the Magic of Silver Restoration: July 19th & 20th at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest

When silver items are newly made, they’ve got a gorgeous gleam that’s hard to resist. But time is not kind to silver: tarnish can form on your tea service, flatware, and other silver items. Tarnished silver appears dull at first, eventually darkening to a deep black shade with time. This tarnish doesn’t hurt your silver item, but it does make it look much less attractive. Lurking underneath the tarnish, your…

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Jul 5th

Radiant Rubies: Discover July’s Birthstone

In India, the word for “Ruby” means the king of gems. Rubies can be more precious than diamonds – the gorgeous red gemstones are certainly scarcer, being found only in relatively difficult to access locations in the Far East. Top contemporary jewelry designers, including Judith Ripka and David Yurman, create exceptionally beautiful ruby jewelry – check the “Previously Enjoyed Collection” at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest for some gorgeous…

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Jun 30th

4th of July Message from Christine & Jack

Most retailers look forward to the December holiday season all year long. We love that season as well, but we also cherish the Fourth of July, perhaps more than most merchants. When we bought our struggling little business from its owner sixteen years ago, we became a small part of the community of Lake Forest. As the business grew and we expanded our staff and our space, we became more…

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Jun 9th

It’s Time to Give Dad a Great Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th. Finding a great gift for Dad can be challenging – especially if he’s the type who always says “I don’t need anything!” But don’t despair. The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest has you covered. This year we’ve got some exceptional unique gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on Dad’s face. Perfect for Dad’s Office or Man Cave: The Rolex Clock No –…

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Jun 7th

Great Graduation Gifts: Celebrate with Style!

Graduations are really unique events in our lives. It’s not often that we get to celebrate the cumulative result of years and years of hard work. Graduation season is one of our favorite times of year here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest because the people who are coming in searching for a special gift for their grad are just so happy and so proud – it’s absolutely heartwarming…

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Jun 1st

The 7th Annual “Save Buckets of Bucks at The Box” Sale is Saturday, June 10th!

Seven is a lucky number – and nothing makes you feel luckier than getting a great deal! The 7th Annual Save Buckets of Bucks Sale is happening at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest on Saturday, June 10th. Here are 7 things you need to know: 1. All “Previously Enjoyed” Collection Jewelry is 25% Off! You know the prices on the “Previously Enjoyed” Collection are already way lower than full…

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May 12th

May Fashion Spotlight: Emerald Rings

Gorgeous green emeralds are May’s birthstone. Emeralds are one of the most precious gemstones on the planet, and have been a fashion favorite for as long as people have been wearing jewelry. We have many stunning emerald rings here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest right now. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing emerald jewelry: It’s all about the green. Emeralds are prized for their…

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May 4th

Mother’s Day Jewelry – Gifts Ideas Under $300

Make Mom smile this Mother’s Day with a beautiful piece of jewelry.  From simple and classic to bold and bright our selection here at The Jewelry Box offers something special for every mom. Here are some great gifts, all Under $300. (Left to Right) 14K Yellow Gold Butterfly Pendant  Judith Ripka Sterling Silver Citrine Heart Charm Bracelet Amethyst Studs (Left to Right) Judith Ripka Sterling Silver Oval Ring Pave Blue…

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May 4th

Have a Magnificent Mom? Here’s A Great Way to Let Her Know You Care

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th. It’s a time to celebrate all of the amazing Mothers you know. Moms change lives with love, care, and by simply being there. Show your Mom how much she’s appreciated with a great gift combo from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. The Mother’s Day Gift Combo is Available from 5/11-5/13 We ran this special last year, and it turns out that…

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Apr 29th

Revin’ Toward 7: Why We’re Asking You To Choose Us as Best of Orange County

Every year, the Orange County Register asks its readership to select the best local businesses in a number of categories. We’re very proud that the community has chosen The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest as the Best of Orange County for six years in a row. It would be awesome if we could repeat -or, as Jack says, “We’re Revin’ Towards 7!” HOW TO VOTE: go to www.voteocbest.ocregister.com Select “Luxury…

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Apr 29th

Beautiful Thoughts Count More: Personalized Jewelry for Graduation, Mother’s Day & Wedding Gifts

Let’s talk about engraving. Engraving is kind of a magical process, transforming a piece of jewelry from an item that could be anyone’s to a one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind person. Throughout history, people have used engraving to record initials, names, and dates as well as meaningful mottos and sentiments. Today, that tradition has been updated to include modern elements, including popular emojis like hearts and smiley faces. Graduation Gifts…

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Apr 21st

The Smartest Way to Look Sharp: Understanding Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

Would you love to add a Rolex to your watch collection but also need to keep your budget under control? You can have everything you want by taking advantage of what Orange County’s savviest watch buyers know: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is your go-to destination for pre-owned luxury watches. Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Watches: All The Style, All The Savings The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is continually buying…

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Apr 14th

Snap Into Spring & Win!

We’re trying something new and we want you to be part of it. For the first time ever, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest is running the Snap Into Spring Facebook Contest. It should be a lot of fun, and gives you a great opportunity to check out all the new jewelry we’ve just added to the showcases. Here’s how it works: Come Visit The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest….

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Apr 5th

Celebrating 5 Years of Making Mother’s Day Magical: How You Can Help

Five years ago, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team had an idea. We would collect beauty and toiletry items here in the store, and use them to create Beauty Bags. South County Outreach would distribute these bags to local Moms in need just in time for Mother’s Day. Life’s little luxuries can really put a smile on your face when times are tough. Our friends and customers came through,…

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Apr 4th

Diamonds: Discover April’s Spellbinding Birthstone

As we were preparing this post, the news came that one of the largest diamonds ever found has been discovered in Sierra Leone. The 706 (!) carat stone was discovered by a pastor working with hand tools in his spare time – talk about a lucky discovery. As you might expect, this gigantic diamond is expected to sell for millions of dollars. If you’re looking for some diamond jewelry that’s…

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Mar 8th

It’s Transformation Time: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest Remount Event is April 4th!

Do you have pieces of jewelry that never, ever get worn? It happens! Sometimes jewelry spends its life stuck in a dresser drawer because it’s broken: a stone has gotten lost or the piece got bent out of shape. Other times, the jewelry’s in great condition, but it’s a little lacking in the style department. Every now and then, our customers have told us they have jewelry they actually love…

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Feb 27th

Amazing Amethyst: Fun Facts About February’s Birthstone

Amethyst has been one of mankind’s favorite gemstones since ancient times. It’s easy to see why: amethyst is most well-known for its striking purple color, which can range from a very, very light lavender to a deep intense royal purple. This color is caused by natural iron deposits in the Earth that occur where the amethyst crystals are formed; the more iron present, the more intense the purple color. Iron…

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Feb 15th

It’s Time for Your Silver To Shine: Silver Restoration Event March 1st and 2nd

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we’re expecting March to start with the stunning shine and sparkle of freshly polished silver! Our very popular Silver Restoration Event is scheduled for March 1st and 2nd. Here’s what you need to know: Tarnish Happens – To Everyone: If your silverware, silver coffee set, or silver…

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