Why Go Local When Choosing Your Jewelry Store?

National retail jewelry chain stores are so convenient; seems like there’s one “on every corner”. There are several in every mall, some in outlet centers, some in airports, some in downtown shopping areas. They’re everywhere.

So why would you seek out an independent jeweler for selling, buying or repairing your jewelry? In the case of The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, people tell us they go out of their way to do business here for a myriad of reasons.

First and foremost: the maturity, knowledge and kindness of our team of experts. With a master watchmaker, goldsmiths and diamond setters, a pearl re-stringer, two graduate gemologists, designers and several talented sales associates, we can handle virtually any challenge from a watch battery replacement to the buying of an entire jewelry estate to a custom-designed wedding ring.

And we have fun here. The high pressure often experienced in chain stores (due to sales quotas) doesn’t exist at this Orange County jewelry store. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been voted “Best Jeweler/Jewelry Store in Orange County” for the past seven years straight by the readers of The OC Register and by the readers of the LA Times this year as well.

All jewelry and watch repair work is done on our premises; nothing is sent to big-city trades shops as is the typical chain store practice. You know who is doing the work and that there’s no risk of loss or damage in transit. The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest understands the value of your family treasures; we treat them with respect and ensure they are secure while in our possession. It IS about trust, after all.