Diamonds: Discover April’s Spellbinding Birthstone

As we were preparing this post, the news came that one of the largest diamonds ever found has been discovered in Sierra Leone. The 706 (!) carat stone was discovered by a pastor working with hand tools in his spare time – talk about a lucky discovery.

As you might expect, this gigantic diamond is expected to sell for millions of dollars. If you’re looking for some diamond jewelry that’s a little more affordable, do we have good news for you: we’ve just finished adding some stunning new pieces of diamond jewelry to our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection.

Fashion trends come and go, but one look is always in style: the diamond bracelet. We especially like this curved station bracelet: it features 5 carats worth of diamonds set with two-tone gold links. Gorgeous worn alone or paired with simple gold bangles. Love the classics? Choose a diamond tennis bracelet.

Local favorite jewelry designers like David Yurman, Judith Ripka, Tiffany and Rolex often accent their work with diamonds. Diamonds can be used as the focal point of the design, or, as in the David Yurman earrings pictured, serve as a design element to enhance the beauty of the entire piece.


Another huge trend here in Orange County is the right-hand diamond ring. Many times these rings are chosen specifically because they don’t look like bridal jewelry. Diamond rings are a great way to celebrate an accomplishment like launching a company, finishing grad school, or even beating breast cancer. Our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection contains a number of right hand diamond rings, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary – lots of designer names at great prices!

Diamonds Are Forever: Make That Work For You

The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest has two master jewelers on staff for are exceptionally skilled at jewelry transformations. If you have a diamond jewelry design that you’re not wearing anymore – maybe it’s not your style, or maybe it reminds you of a relationship everyone should just forget ever happened – they can free up the stones to live again in a new piece of jewelry you’ll actually enjoy wearing. It’s simple, easy, and amazingly affordable. Ask any staff member at our OC jewelry store for more information.