Gorgeous Garnets: Start 2017 In Style!

Garnets are one of the most glamorous gemstones.

Although they don’t get quite the amount of press as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, garnets have been a favorite gemstone for as long as people have been wearing jewelry. We know that garnets are definitely a favorite here in Orange County – whenever we get a great piece of garnet jewelry to put in the showcases at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, it doesn’t stay for long!

These petite dark red gems are named for their resemblance to pomegranate seeds, and to this day, many jewelry designers create looks with several small garnets clustered together to maximize their beauty. Garnet is a very hard stone, which means this multiple-stone look works very well in rings, bracelets and brooches. Garnet lovers should also watch our “Previously Enjoyed” collection for garnet pendants and earrings – while they’re not quite as common as other forms of jewelry, garnet earrings can be the perfect complement to a piece already in your collection.

garnet-baguette-diamond-gold-ring garnet-cluster-ring-yellow-gold garnet-diamond-gallery-white-gold-ring garnet-diamond-star-flower-ring

You know we can never resist a good gemstone legend! Garnets are said to have the power to reunite lovers quickly. Way back in the day, it was traditional for one sweetheart to give another garnet jewelry before they departed on a long sea journey or other lengthy voyage as a way of ensuring their safe return. This is an absolutely beautiful tradition. Both men and women have historically worn garnet jewelry – Keith Richards has a fairly famous garnet ring, as does David Beckham – although today the gemstone is more often worn by women.

In addition to being January’s birthstone, garnets are given to celebrate the second, sixth, and nineteenth wedding anniversary. Very serious vintage jewelry collectors know some of the best garnets in the world came from Bohemia, which is today known as Czechoslovakia. Larger garnets were sometimes carved; lion head designs evocative of royalty were the most popular choice, followed by floral designs. Today, David Yurman has created several gorgeous bracelet and pendant designs featuring garnets. Tiffany has an iconic garnet heart ring design, and has also produced several garnet pieces created by designer Paloma Picasso. Whether you’re looking for modern garnet jewelry or timeless classics, the best place to being your search is our Previously Enjoyed” collection!