Did You Get a Great Jewelry Gift That Doesn’t Fit?

The day after Christmas is a time when we’re forced to acknowledge a truth about gift-givers: while they love us very much, they don’t necessarily know our size. When it comes to jewelry and watches, that’s definitely a problem: fit is non-negotiable. A ring that’s too small won’t fit on your finger, while a ring that’s too large won’t stay on it!

The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest wants you to be able to wear and enjoy your gifts right away. That’s why we have our two master jewelers on priority standby right now for all your holiday resizing needs. If your watchband’s too big or your bracelet’s way too big, they can make it fit just right. They’re the reason we have a reputation for excellence! All sizing work is done right here on the premises and most watch sizing is completed while you wait.

Ring Resizing: For Engagement & Fashion Rings

We provide jewelry repair services year-round, so we know people have lots of questions about ring resizing – the most common one being ‘can you resize my ring?’ The answer to that depends on a few factors, the most important one being what the ring is made of. Our master jewelers can resize yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum rings.

Most rings of these metals may be resized up to or down. Ornate bands and bands that have gemstones, engraving or other ornate decorative elements can require special care during the resizing process and sizing may be more limited. Our expert associates will meet with you to examine your ring and explain your ring resizing options – over the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve found that the vast majority of rings can be resized successfully.

Holiday Jewelry Resizing Happening Now!

If your gift doesn’t fit, we can fix it. Just bring your watch or jewelry design to The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest – no appointment is necessary! We’re located at 21771 Lake Forest Drive, #109 – when you see lots of purple, you’ll know you’re in the right place.