It’s Time for Your Silver To Shine: Silver Restoration Event March 1st and 2nd

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we’re expecting March to start with the stunning shine and sparkle of freshly polished silver! Our very popular Silver Restoration Event is scheduled for March 1st and 2nd. Here’s what you need to know:

Tarnish Happens – To Everyone: If your silverware, silver coffee set, or silver plated serving tray looks dull, grimy, or even black, don’t despair. You’re not a terrible housekeeper! Tarnish is a natural chemical reaction you can do nothing about: little tiny particles in the surface of the silver interact with the oxygen that’s all around us, and your silver turns black. It happens to everyone. You don’t have to worry about feeling judged when you come to the Silver Restoration Event – we’re in the same boat ourselves. Tarnish happens to everyone.

Properly Polishing Silver Takes Skill and Time: If you’ve watched Downton Abby, you’ve seen how long it takes the staff to polish silver. Who has time for that? We bring in our favorite silver restoration expert, because he is fast, thorough and professional. He knows how to take the tarnish off of even the most delicate pieces quickly and efficiently. When your silver looks great, you use it and enjoy it more.

Sometimes Silver Gets Broken: Coffee pot handles and spouts have been known to bend and break. The same is true for silver hollowware – things like candlesticks and serving platters – as well as flatware and jewelry items. During the Silver Restoration event, our expert can identify areas that need to be fixed, and let you know what the cost will be – it’s often more affordable than you’d think! If you approve, minor fixes can be done on the spot; more major repairs will be scheduled promptly after the event.

You CAN Get Silver Plate Restored: Many silver restoration events don’t service silver plated items, but we think that’s ridiculous. If you have silver plated items you’d like to have restored, come on in to the store on March 1st or 2nd. With a skillful polish, your plated items can look stellar. You won’t believe your eyes!

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