It’s Time to Feel Good: Sixth Annual Batteries for Birds Starts 11/25!

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a great reminder of the many things in our lives we have to be grateful for. The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team is particularly blessed: we have the world’s best customers and friends, and these amazing individuals have proven time and again that they’re willing to step up and help us create positive change in our community.

Hunger is a problem in Orange County. There are a lot of families where people work hard yet still struggle to get by. Sometimes people are forced to choose between paying the rent, taking care of bills and buying groceries. We don’t want anyone to go without food, especially during the holidays. That’s why we’re holding our Sixth Annual Batteries for Birds Fundraiser!

Batteries for Birds: Here’s How It Works

From November 25th to December 15th, we’re donating all of the proceeds from watch battery sales to South County Outreach. These funds are used to create holiday food baskets for local families in need. Watch battery prices are typically around $10. Of course, if you’d like to donate an amount above that total to South County Outreach, we’d be happy to pass those funds along as well!


Doing Good Feels Great

Having your watch battery replaced will take a few moments out of your day. It’s a small gesture that has a huge impact on the holidays local families enjoy. Being able to enjoy a turkey dinner with all the trimmings is a real treat and can be a real high point for families that have been having a tough time.

The real beauty of the Batteries for Birds promotion is how many of us, working together, can really maximize the impact of our giving natures. This is the tenth year we’ve been doing this, and it’s been an amazing decade. The South County Outreach team are absolute experts at transforming the cash collected into hearty, nutritious meals. Last year working together we raised over $2,200, helping hundreds of families. We’d love to top that total this year. Please come have your watch battery replaced and invite your friends to do the same!