Great Art Gets Trapped in Terrible Frames. And the Same Thing Happens to Diamonds. We Can Fix That on September 12.

Have you ever seen a fantastic painting that got trapped in the wrong frame? It happens all the time – the artwork is amazing and the frame is just meh or the frame’s style doesn’t mesh with the imagery: even though the painting is superior, the frame choice makes it seem less so.

The same thing happens to diamonds and colored gemstones. Gems are set in mountings, rather than frames, but the same idea applies: if the stone and the mounting aren’t a good match for each other, the gem suffers a little bit. This can lead to people not wearing and enjoying their jewelry, which is pretty sad. Think about the items in your jewelry box – are there designs you don’t wear because the gemstone and the mounting just don’t work well together?

Happiness is New Jewelry! The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest Remount Event is September 12th!


During our one-day only remount event, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest will be set up with hundreds and hundreds of jewelry mountings. These mountings are frames for diamonds and colored gemstones – you can choose from rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. It’s a truly amazing transformation when you see a diamond or colored gemstone set in a mounting that showcases its beauty properly. Even better: the remount transformation happens right before your eyes while you wait. Every time we host this event, we have customers who are overcome with happiness when they see their new jewelry.

The cost to have a piece of jewelry remounted is so affordable, because you already own the most expensive parts – the diamonds and colored gemstones. Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed. Give your diamonds and colored gemstones their chance to shine. Don’t worry if you’ve never had a piece of jewelry remounted before – our friendly team is here to help you, and it’s a lot of fun choosing a mounting from the hundreds on display. Appointments are strongly encouraged. Please use the form below.

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