Celebrating Nine Divine Years as the Best Jewelry Store of Orange County

In 2019, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest ran for our ninth consecutive year as Best of Orange County— and thanks to you, our loyal customers, we came out on top again!

Your votes have earned us the title of “Best Jewelry Store of Orange County” for nine consecutive years. The hearts of our entire staff are filled with gratitude and we want to be sure that we pass our thanks along to YOU— our amazing friends and family of Orange County!

9 Reasons We’re Grateful for Loyal Customers Like YOU!

When you shop at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, you are so much more than just a customer. You are our family, our friends, and vital members of our community. That being said, we want to thank you for your continued support by listing off nine of the MANY reasons why we LOVE having YOU as our loyal customer!

  1. Your Loyalty is Unparalleled

    Thanks to your unwavering support, we’ve won Best Jewelry Store of Orange County for nine spectacular years. Thank you for voting for us as your favorite local jeweler!

  2. You Allow us to Celebrate Life’s Most Precious Moments with You

    At The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we celebrate in your successes, grieve with you in your losses, and strive to supply you with mementos, treasures and keepsakes the whole way through. You let us in on life’s most important moments, and for that, we thank you!

  3. You Help Us Help Our OC Community

    From donating food for the hungry, to making toiletry bags for mothers in need, you’re constantly aiding our team in making our community the best place it can be!

  4. You Connect Us with Friends & Family

    You recommend The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest to those who trust you, as a jeweler that you know they can trust. This means the world to us!

  5. You Trust Us with Family Heirlooms

    When it comes time to repair your family heirlooms, you entrust your inherited jewelry and watches with our expert craftsmen—and that means more to us than you will ever know! In return, you enjoy immense peace of mind knowing that we always treat your items with the utmost care, and guard them as if they were our own.

  6. You Turn to Us When it’s Time to Sell

    When looking to sell jewelry, watches, coins, flatware, and more, our loyal customers turn to The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest because they know they’ll receive top dollar for their items. Your confidence fills our cup!

  7. You Give Us Reason to Smile

    Your happiness is our top priority. Knowing that we’re able to put a smile on your face is exactly what puts one on ours!

  8. You Motivate Our Staff

    Our customers are always motivating us to do better and be the best jewelry experts we can be— because that’s what the people of Orange County deserve!

  9. You Drive Us to Innovate & Embrace Our Creativity

    Your life experiences serve as our inspiration for buying & selling sentimental jewelry designs worth wearing!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the above and a thousand reasons more. Looking forward to another magnificent year serving as Orange County’s Best Jewelry Store!

With gratitude,
The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest