Ring Sizing Secrets Revealed

It happens to the best of us: a touch of arthritis, a few too many plates of pasta, a daily brewsky after a tough one at the office. Low and behold, that ring doesn’t go on and off as easily at it used to.

If you shop ring-sizing prices, you’ll find a wide range. Although The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest isn’t the cheapest, we sure are the best. First of all, voted Best Jeweler/Jewelry Store in Orange County by the Readers of the OC Register and the LA Times, we do all ring sizing and other jewelry and watch repairs on our premises; nothing gets sent out to a trade shop.

There are shortcuts to ring sizing; we don’t take them. We start with accurately measuring your finger. Then our master jeweler thoroughly cleans the ring to ensure he is working with pure metal. In most cases, the ring is then cut at the 6 o’clock position. Unlike at some shops, rings with stones and tapered rings are NEVER stretched here; instead, the cut is spread until the ring has reached its new size. Then, a fresh piece of metal of the same kind (platinum, gold, sterling silver, etc.) is inserted in the gap and laser-welded. All stones are checked and tightened.

The jeweler then heats (to slightly soften) the gold and works with it, filing and buffing, until there are no visible seams; the ring is then polished (and rhodium-plated if it is white gold) to look like it did the day it was new. These are all time-consuming processes required to ensure your re-sized ring is beautiful and its stones are secure.

Sizing a ring smaller is done with the same care but is generally less expensive because no metal needs to be added.

There is one exception to this process at our Orange County jewelry store, where jewelry repairs and watch repairs are one of our claims to fame. Wedding bands, the same width all the way around and with no stones, CAN be stretched on a state-of-the-art machine we have. This process is less expensive than normal sizing but is limited to bands.

In our next blog, we’ll talk about options for folks with large knuckles; can’t have that beautiful ring upside down all the time because it has to be big enough to pass over that arthritic joint.