Before & Afters

While we love helping our customers find new watches, rings, bracelets, pendants, and other special jewelry designs, there’s something special about taking a favorite design that has been retired to the back of the jewelry box and restoring it to it’s former glory – or creating something entirely new! From simple rhodium dips and repairs, to engagement ring diamond remounts, to creating custom jewelry designs from old or broken jewelry, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest happily restores your treasures, with all repairs completed on site.

See some of our past repairs in the gallery below.

This purple circle with a checkmark signifies our "Previously Owned" items. You get fabulous pieces at a fraction of the cost! Most often, we only get one of each item, so don't miss out!

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  • Garbage Disposal Ring Revival

  • Diamonds Remounted Into Rose Gold & Diamond Earrings

  • Blue Topaz Ring Repair

  • Broken Diamond Ring Repair

  • Wedding Anniversary Ring Remount

  • Smashed & Broke Ring Revival!

  • Mangled David Yurman Cuff Bracelet

  • Wedding Ring Overhaul!

  • Emerald & Diamond Pendant Turned Into A Ring

  • Pearl & Diamond Necklace Redesign

  • Custom Design Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

  • Old Ring Turned New!

  • Opal Studs Turned Into Pendants

  • Family Heirloom Jewelry Turned Into Engagement Ring

  • Surprise Wedding Ring Redesign

  • Diamond Ring Turned Into Bezel Necklace

  • Sterling Silver Tea Set Polish Transformation

  • Outdated Emerald & Diamond Ring Remount

  • Rolex Overhaul

  • Broken Diamond Ring Repair

  • One Piece Turned Into 3!

  • Smashed Diamond Ring Repair

  • Wedding Ring Update

  • Custom Diamond Earring Design

  • Ring Turned Into A Pendant

  • Rolex Overhaul

  • Pendant Turned Into A Ring

  • Tarnished Sterling Silver Necklace Polish Transformation

  • Cufflinks Turned Into Earrings & Pendant

  • Napkin Ring Turned Into a Cuff Bracelet

  • Smashed Ring Repair

  • Custom Pendant & Chain Design

  • Wedding Ring Redesign

  • Glasses With Broken Ear Piece

  • Engagement Ring Repair

  • Ring Repair

  • Engagement Ring Redesign

  • Antique Diamond Ring Before & After Makeover

  • Antique Pearl & Diamond Earring Makeover

  • Tarnished Silver Ring Polish Repair