Ring Restyling Frees Beautiful Gemstones From Bad Memories

“It’s really a shame,” Georgie* said. “I’ve got this gorgeous wedding set that for obvious reasons, I’m just not wearing anymore. Ever since even before the divorce, it’s been sitting in my jewelry box. What a waste!”

Does this situation sound familiar? There are many instances where we can wind up with jewelry that we don’t want to wear anymore, whether that’s due to unpleasant emotional associations to the fact that the jewelry is in bad shape or just isn’t your style.  This results in beautiful diamonds and other gemstones being stuck away in a drawer, where they can’t be worn or enjoyed!

Restyling – New Life for Your Jewelry

Almost every piece of jewelry can be restyled. When you have a piece of jewelry restyled, a master jeweler will remove the diamonds and other precious gemstones from your ring or other piece of fine jewelry and incorporate them into a new piece of jewelry.

This new piece of jewelry can be an entirely custom design, or it can be what’s known in the jewelry industry as a remount.  Remounting involves setting your stones in any of a number of already-designed settings, which come in yellow, white, and rose gold in a dazzling array of styles.  Remounting can be done at any time by a master jeweler, as well as during remounting shows, such as the one we’re having on April 14th. Remounting is a very popular option, as it’s often far more affordable than having an entire custom ring designed and created for you.

If you have a ring or other piece of jewelry you’d like to be able to enjoy again, but you aren’t sure what your options are, come see us. We’ll be happy to look at your item and give you an objective, professional assessment about its suitability for remounting or restyling. There’s never any charge for this: we simply want you to know what your options are!

We believe gorgeous gemstones shouldn’t spend their all their time shut up in a drawer. Restyling means you get to wear and enjoy your jewelry again. Come see us – there’s nothing to lose, and a whole lot of happiness to gain!

*not her real name