Are Sapphires the Sexiest Gemstone?

One of The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest’s best customers, who has chosen to remain nameless for this story, absolutely adores sapphires. She likes all kinds of colored gemstone jewelry, but when a stunning new sapphire design appears in our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection showcases, she gets very excited. She always says the same thing, “Oh, I like that. It’s very sexy.”

Are sapphires the sexiest gemstone? If sexiness is like beauty – in the eye of the beholder – then the answer may very well be yes. Sapphires are definitely experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly for engagement rings and bridal jewelry. It turns out that all the Millennials who were getting blamed for killing the diamond industry – this is really a thing; here are the Tweets – have been buying sapphires instead. Part of the reason may be that sapphires are generally more affordable than diamonds. Still, we suspect that sapphire’s intense color and a sense that engagement rings featuring colored gemstones are more unique and personal may underlie the trend.


One of the nice things about sapphires is that they’re a very durable gemstone. Many of our customers are very active people who live life hands-on. Sapphire rings perform beautifully, without the worry about cracks or chipping you can get with a softer gemstone. Sapphires are also quite colorfast: the strong California sunshine doesn’t cause the blue or pink sapphire to fade. If you think strength is sexy, then sapphires are sexy!

Sapphires are also September’s birthstone and they’re used to celebrate the 10th and 45th wedding anniversary. We add new pieces of sapphire jewelry to our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection all of the time, but there are some particularly fine – perhaps we should say sexy! – pieces in there right now. You’ll want to come check them out before they’re gone.

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