Experience the Magic of Silver Restoration: July 19th & 20th at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest

When silver items are newly made, they’ve got a gorgeous gleam that’s hard to resist. But time is not kind to silver: tarnish can form on your tea service, flatware, and other silver items. Tarnished silver appears dull at first, eventually darkening to a deep black shade with time. This tarnish doesn’t hurt your silver item, but it does make it look much less attractive.

Lurking underneath the tarnish, your silver items may have condition concerns. Handles, hinges, and decorative elements often get damaged. Luckily, most damage can be repaired and the gorgeous shine restored – but you need a silver restoration expert to do it!

Save the Date: Silver Restoration at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest 7/19 & 20

For 2 days only, The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest will be hosting Joni McMahon. Joni is a truly expert silver restoration specialist. Her work transforms lackluster items into take-your-breath away pieces you’ll be proud to own and happy to enjoy.

Silver restoration can make you see a family heirloom in a whole new light. Thrift store treasures or flea market finds may be museum quality works of art in disguise. Silver restoration means you get to enjoy your silver item as it was meant to be: looking great and functioning flawlessly. If you’ve been thinking of giving a piece of your silver collection to someone as a special gift, having a silver restoration expert give it a thorough once over means it will look its very best.

Joni’s services are in demand all around the country. She’ll only be available in The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest for two days – Wednesday July 19th and Thursday July 20th – before she moves on to her next stop. This is your chance to get your silver looking great again.

Reservations aren’t required for the Silver Restoration and Repair event; but space is limited. Reserve your appointment by signing up below.

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