Six Amazing Facts About September’s Birthstone: Sapphires

Sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. Whenever we have a particularly fine example of sapphire jewelry appear in our Previously Enjoyed Collection, it gets snapped right up – people are passionate about these gorgeous blue stones. Since sapphires are September’s birthstone, we thought we’d share a little bit of gemstone trivia with you:

Amazing Sapphire Fact #1: Once Upon A Time, People Thought The Sky Was Made of Sapphire

The rich blue hue of the sapphire reminds people of the sky. In Biblical times, it was very common to speak of the heavens being made of sapphire and lapis lazuli, by far, the two most precious gemstones.

Amazing Sapphire Fact #2: Rubies & Sapphires Are Actually the Same Stone

Rubies and sapphires are both corundum, a type of stone that comes in a wide range of colors, including yellows, pinks, blues and very rich red. Very red corundum are considered rubies; every other color, from intense pinks to the familiar blues, are sapphires.  Non-blue sapphires are sometimes known as “Fancies” although this usage isn’t as common as it once was.

Amazing Sapphire Fact #3: Wearing Sapphires Said To Promote Emotional Balance & Harmony

Legend and tradition tell us that wearing sapphires makes it easier to remain calm during stressful times, and experience clear thinking even in the midst of turmoil. These calming qualities made sapphires a favorite gemstone for sailors, who hoped the stone’s effect would still the ocean’s waves.

Amazing Sapphire Fact #4: Royalty Chose Sapphires for a Reason

Throughout history, sapphires have been the favorite jewelry choice of kings and queens. Royalty favored sapphire because the stones were said to attract wealth and to protect the wearer from envy and infidelity. Now, if you’ve studied you know that didn’t exactly work out, but hey – at least the royals looked good!

Amazing Sapphire Fact #5: Sir Richard Burton Traveled East Asia with a Magical Sapphire

The famous adventurer was in possession of a gorgeous star sapphire he was convinced was a lucky charm. He credited the stone with saving his life numerous times and would reward loyal retainers and helpful people by letting them see this famous, purportedly magic sapphire.

Amazing Sapphire Fact #6: Sapphires Can Mend Rifts Between Lovers

Arguing with your husband? Is your wife really, really mad at you? About to split with your sweetheart? Sapphires are associated with Venus, the planet of love, and a well-timed gift of sapphire jewelry can do a lot to smooth over a serious argument. This isn’t a foolproof strategy, of course, but we’re pretty sure it can’t hurt, either. If you’re in need of sapphire jewelry, come see us – we’ve got plenty of great pieces in the Previously Enjoyed Collection of our Lake Forest jewelry store!


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