Thank You! Together We Raised $4K+ for Breast Cancer Solutions!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest truly has the world’s best friends and customers. In just two short hours, you helped us raise $4,359 for Breast Cancer Solutions, Orange County’s leading provider of support for breast cancer patients and their families. Thank you so much for being part of this fantastic event!

We Gave Away a $3,000 Diamond – And One of Our Favorite Customers Won!

During the Breast Cancer Solutions fundraiser, we sold 100 glasses of champagne. There was a shiny crystal in 99 of them, and a lovely 1 carat diamond in one. It’s a totally random process: we have no control over who gets which glass of champagne. That’s part of the fun – and this year was particularly neat for us as the winner of the diamond was Michelle C., a regular customer and friend to the entire Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team. It always feels good to do good, but seeing (name) win made it feel great!

Pouring Champagne for Our Breast Cancer Solutions Fundraiser bcs-final-2 bcs-final-3 bcs-final-4

Making a Real Difference Right Here in Orange County

There are many, many organizations involved in the fight against breast cancer. We choose to support Breast Cancer Solutions because they serve people right here in Orange County, which is where we are and where our friends and customers live. The help Breast Cancer Solutions provides is so meaningful, whether it’s arranging for transportation to and from treatment, making sure families have food to eat, and providing much needed financial support so our friends and neighbors can do what they need to do: concentrate on getting well.

Thank You for helping us support Breast Cancer Solutions!