The Power of Peridot

Peridot is August’s birthstone. These gorgeous green gems don’t get quite as much love as the other birthstones for some reason, although we’ve found that when a particularly nice peridot ring or pendant shows up in our “Previously Enjoyed” Collection, it never lingers for long!

Some truly amazing peridot is mined right in our own backyard, coming from the San Carlos reservation in Arizona. These peridot tend to be smaller and a lighter green shade than peridot that come from Pakistan and Kenya, the other leading producers of this gemstone.

The Ancient Romans called peridot “Evening Emeralds” because, unlike true emeralds, peridot shimmered beautifully by candlelight. If you know you’re going out to a romantic evening such as a candlelight dinner, wear your peridot necklace and earrings – they’ll sparkle beautifully.

The Hawaiian people say that peridot are the tears of the goddess Pele. Pele was quite a character. She was born into a family of water goddesses, but her fascination with fire led her to burn her entire home island down. She was apparently a very hot, passionate woman, and it’s only after getting into repeated conflicts with other goddesses who were less than thrilled with the attention Pele was giving their lovers that Pele wound up living inside the volcano, where she is fabled to still live today!

Peridot is a 7.0 on the Mohs scale, which means it’s a softer gemstone. It’s best to choose peridot jewelry where the stones have been bezel-cut, reducing the number of sharp edges that can chip. For this reason, it’s also more common to see peridot in earrings and necklaces, which are relatively protected settings, than in rings and bracelets that get a lot of wear.

Of course you know The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest team can’t resist a good legend about a gemstone! You know how people say ‘green with envy’? Well, apparently, if you wear peridot you won’t experience those feelings of envy and jealousy. Peridot is said to encourage marital harmony and keep either partner’s ego from getting out of control. That being said, we’ve seen a few pieces are peridot jewelry that are so beautiful wearing them actually boosts the wearer’s ego – so we guess you’ll have to be willing to take your chances!

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