Understanding White Gold Bridal Jewelry: Is Platinum a Better Choice?

As Orange County’s home of unique bridal jewelry, there’s one question we get a lot: what’s the difference between white gold and platinum bridal jewelry, and is one better than the other?

White gold is stunningly beautiful and very affordable. To keep its mirror like finish, however, you should know that over the course of time, some upkeep is required. There’s no such thing as ‘pure’ white gold. Gold, as it comes from the ground, is yellow. To get the white color desirable for bridal jewelry and other settings, gold is combined with other metals.

White gold jewelry is dipped in another metal, called rhodium, as part of its manufacturing process. This is why white gold jewelry shines so beautifully. However, this coating can and does wear away over time. This means you will be able to see the yellow hue of the gold below.

Platinum wedding bands and engagement rings are an alternative for the bride who wants the look of white gold. However, prices for a fine platinum engagement ring and wedding band set tend to be quite a bit higher than the comparable set in white gold. Another option is to choose a wedding set in yellow gold. Having your white gold engagement ring and wedding band re-dipped is quite affordable, especially during our semi-annual repair sales event, which is happening now!

Here’s a Gorgeous White Gold Engagement Ring

Engraved Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring

Dazzling 14K White Gold engagement ring features a brilliant, eye-catching .76 ct round princess cut diamond. Check out those gorgeous engraved sides! Part of the Previously Enjoyed collection, available now from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!